how long after changing to 12/12 show sex

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mashed, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. hi all roughly how long after changing to 12/12 lights should my plant show its sex.

    the reason i ask is i changed to 12/12 yesterday and 2 hairs are appearing under each branch.

    also my plant has never grown this much in 24 hrs before it has grown another 4 sets of branches in this time.

    can anyone say if this is right.

    cheers all
  2. maybe about a week or two, try to get pictures, those would be the best to give an approx. anwser
  3. How quickly the plants show sex depends on how ready they were to begin with -- if you wait long enough in veg cycle they will start to preflower and maybe even sex before you switch light cycles.

    They definitely should show within two weeks of switching but could be just a matter of days. Growth spurt is normal. Sounds like you are on track.
  4. cheers for the replys they do help me out.

    i did veg the plant for 49 days it was 8 1/2 " tall 8 1/2" wide and had 10 branches, that was yesterday it is now 10" high with 14 sets of branches but all seem to be very tight to the stem. i think it is an indica plant does this sound ok?

    if everything is looking good i will keep you posted and i will get pics up as soon as i get my cam fixed.

    cheers for helping out peace.
  5. i told u that sucker would grow like crazy didnt i mashed :D 2 inches in a day thats sweet, GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND!!!

    ur fellow grower Dank

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