How Legalizing Pot Will Ease the Energy Crisis

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  1. Letter To The Editor
    Source: San Francisco Chronicle

    Many are wondering why there is suddenly a power shortage in the Pacific Northwest "On the Grid or Off the Grid," Sunday, Feb.
    25. The recent mysterious blackout in Trail, Ore., offers a clue. It's the grow-lights. Grow- lights use a lot of kilowatts, which just
    goes to show that a high number of people are growing kilos these days. The law and also wintertime have caused many to take
    their potted plants indoors, to avoid arrest and to keep their plants from dying.

    But while a pound of cure is apparently well worth the ounce of prevention, (more than its weight in gold), we all are paying the
    price, currently.

    Thus, I think we can nip this energy crisis in the bud by legalizing marijuana. In fact, legalizing marijuana will save all kinds of energy. Though I
    myself do not smoke it, I've never understood how a natural plant of the earth which God gave us can be decreed "illegal," permitting violent
    searches of people's homes, seizure of all their property, trial at taxpayer expense and then prison at taxpayer expense, where people are permitted
    to be brutalized and raped, even killed -- for what -- for growing plants. (Transcendental horticulture). So what if people grow marijuana? So what
    if they smoke it? So many do, criminalization of it has amounted to nothing more than an incredible waste of energy.

    Some suggest legalization of marijuana would result in joblessness for the police. This is just a smoke screen. In actuality, legalizing marijuana
    would put a lid on crime. By rightfully viewing marijuana from the same perspective as alcohol, we'd put more police on the streets and in the
    towns where they should be instead of traipsing around in the woods or flying about in planes and helicopters with ridiculous and costly
    marijuana-detection equipment. We'd save energy and our towns would become safer. Tickets could be issued for public smoking and
    intoxication, DUI, etc., generating funds for city coffers that could be used to offset high energy bills.

    We'd see new markets blossom and stimulate the economy: American produced hemp and hemp products; genetic research and engineering to
    enhance THC properties and plant growth in wan winter sunlight; special growing and harvesting equipment & supplies for home gardens, not to
    mention a highly awaited comeback of the corn cob pipe. Food and snack stocks would rise. Also, we'd see a more peaceful nation of people
    who laugh a lot more. Note how that is all positive energy. The grass really is greener on that other side.

    We need to carefully hash out these ideas. Meanwhile, if we are to solve this West Coast energy crisis, we must legalize marijuana and bring it out
    from under the grow-lights.

    Any way we look at it, legalizing marijuana will save energy.

    Patti Morey
    Ashland, Ore.

    Source: San Francisco Chronicle (CA)
    Author: Patti Morey
    Published: Sunday, March 11, 2001
    Copyright: 2001 San Francisco Chronicle
    Address: 901 Mission St., San Francisco CA 94103

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