How legal weed in Colorado works?

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  1. Not sure where to post this. If it should of been posted somewhere else let me know mods  :metal:. Anyways I just got my medical here in California and I think its great but I was wondering how badass it is in Colorado. Can you walk in and get it places now? Or do you still have to go to a club? Can anyone go into a club? So thanks in advance all of you from Colorado.

  2. By anyone I meant anyone over 18 haha
  3. Starting jan 1st 21 an up can go to dispense

    Colorado love!

  4. Next year? Or is it in effect already?
    I thought it was legal now, but distribution had not been set up?
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    I hope not all dispensaries also sell bud to anyone. Talk about taking a step backwards..
  6. I believe the law stated over 21. :smoke:
  7. How so? That sounds like a huge step forward to me.
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    Medicinal and recreation should be completely separate. And until so no one including myself is going to take the movement seriously. Having huge conventions where is supposed to be about medicine, but is just a bunch of hippies partying doesn't help out either. 
  9. The point of full legalization is that it does not have to be about medicine anymore! Yes cannabis has great medicinal values, but we all know damn well that isn't why we all use it. Plus in a legal scenario I would much rather get my buds from a dispensary instead of a chain store or a gas station that sells corporate grown marijuana. So you seemed to miss the point, the legalization in Colorado and Washington is about recreation!
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    Yea, i dont see the issue if people can get their meds and people can get their recreational bud (the same exact bud..... its all the same fuckin plant man lol) in the same place....
    2 birds one stone my friend, life isnt always about trying to convince society the stigmas they believe in are false, sometimes you just do things because its how it should be... weed should be legal for everyone and people who want to use it as a medication shouldnt have to register with the god damn state to get their meds... thats a step  backwards man
  11. Meanwhile In Florida pipes have recently been made illegal.
  12. are you serious? I just moved from there! I heard that bongs were banned recently, but pipes to? Wow that's fucked up!!!!

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  13. Weed in small amounts, ~1 once and up to 6 plants per adult can be possesed now. Legislature is working on the recreational sale regulations now. They will open no later than January 2014 :rolleyes:

    It's easy to get though, people be delivering it on craigs list.

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  14. Yea it just passed, all pipes, bongs, and anything else used to smoke weed basically is now illegal here. I think its against our rights to ban a fucking pipe. It just goes to show, how far off we are from not only national legalization but even national medicinal use.
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    That fucking blows, I'm moving there in September..  I'll just get my glass shipped to me.  And to think that my dad and I almost bought some smoke shops there...  We're lucky we didn't.
  16. Yea, I honestly don't know what will happen to the smoke shops because as far as I know they are still up.
  17. I live in Colorado and ill clarify some stuff. Already in effect is legal possesion up to an ounce and 6 plants (3 flowering and 3 veg.) for anyone over 21. Smoking in public is illegal although people dont ackowledge that law depending on area obviously. Clubs are going but they arent really that popular. You still need a red card to walk into a despensary and always will. Started january 1st despensaries can choose to change into a public store but they will not be a despensary and you wont need a red card and they wont sell "medicinal" mj. Recreational and medicinal are completely seperate and will stay that way. Starting later in 2014 recreational stores can be opened up anywhere without having to have previously been a despensary. And all weed sold at these stores (like dispensaries now) will have to be grown "in house" which means on site. Buying and selling weed is still technically "illegal" but you can "donate" it as a gift to a friend haha. Also hash and edibles are still illegal as far as i know oddly enough..but i wouldnt really worry too much about that. Out of staters will only be allowed to buy a 1/4 at a time to reduce interstate trafficing and locals can buy 1oz. Obviously weed brought back into your home state becomes illegal the second you leave our soil. Almost forgot to mention, smoking indoors will be up to the owner of the place. If a bar says you can smoke there, you can smoke there, or music venues...they seem to always let people smoke inside. "Technically" the building has to be approved for smoking indoors but its not something people tend to worry about. Pretty sure thats all the legal stuff for anyone that wants to know. Its all legit info and up to date. If i missed something and you want to know, ask.

    As far as how cool it is, it changed very fast it seems and now people inclidong myself seem to have forgotten it was illegal to start with. It feels like its always been this way. Its more socially acceptable to smoke weed than cigarettes from my experience. Places like downtown denver is the most common place to hear about weed it seems. I cant walk 3 blocks without someome trying to sell me weed, kind of annoying since im sure the weed i get is twice as good. Alot of public smoking there too. And smoking in music venues kicks ass. Some places get smokey fast when everyone realizes it. Alot of people smoke..people you wouldnt expect. Anyways its pretty cool, but the feeling becomes natural quick. You get used to it. I havent been to another state since 64 passed. I would totally forget its illegal and sketch myself out bigtime. Anyways...long rant..hope i answered your question.
  18. From what I've heard, that failed. Besides they tried to do the exact same thing 2-3 months ago and the law was stripped of its power within less than a day. Don't expect the stores to close anytime soon.

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  19. I hope in the future recreational use definitely happens in Illinois. 
  20. I see what your saying, but honestly... flat out legalization would be better for patients then convincing the gov its really your meds...
    Cause once they truly believe its your meds... Watch how much you have to pay and jump through hoops

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