how leagle is it to order a piece from grasscity?

Discussion in 'General' started by shaqensmurf6420, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. i was looking to buy a piece becuase im slightly new at smokeing even i was just kind of woundering how leagle it is to buy a piece and have it shipped to me. i know it probably seems like a dumb question to most of you i dont feel like getting caught with a piece in the mail.
  2. There is nothing illegal about it.
  3. Actually, possession of a bong or pipe is a federal offense. Most state law enforcement officials would take into consideration the likelihood that you intended to use the piece for smoking marijuana before they cited you, but federal authorities follow an "objective" rule, by which all pipes and bongs are considered drug parapheranalia. The federal government's position is particularly important if you are considering buying something from Grasscity, simply because it must be shipped through customs. That being said, you should be more than fine if you have it shipped with FedEx instead of the US Postal Service.
  4. I used USPS standard.

    No issues here. :)
  5. If the glass is shipped from within the States as I am told it is, then it would never even pass by customs correct?
  6. Well if its a federal offence then why do they have head shops in America....they are all far as i know its not illegal at all unless you are a minor or u state u are going to use that product for marijuana.....And even if bongs are illegal which i dont think they are at all, then you should be ok because i orderd my bong through the mail and i had no probs whatsoever..
  7. cuz i mean you can use it for whatever you want i mean for all they know i can be useing the piece for flavored tabacco. i was just concerned beceause i read in an article that cops made a web site and used it to trick smokers into buying weed and pieces online and then busting them as soon as they bought 1.

  8. Unfortunately, they are illegal. Almost exactly one year ago, the DEA and the Department of Justice cracked down on headshops and online suppliers of pipes and bongs. Here's an article concerning the bust and discussing the federal laws regarding drug paraphenalia:

    Here's a quote from the article just in case you'd rather not read through it:
    "Attorney Robert Vaughan, perhaps the leading paraphernalia defense attorney in the country, told DRCNet, "It's simple. If you have a bong, you're violating federal law. You can get a license to own a tommy gun, but you can't get one to own a bong. Stores that have bongs are screwed," the Nashville-based lawyer said. "They can't win. The Supreme Court upheld its so-called objective standard in US vs. Posters and Things in 1994, and now whole categories of items are per se illegal."

    The federal law is explicit, and it has been upheld by the Supreme Court. I know it seems ridiculous that owning a bong is illegal...BECAUSE IT IS. Unfortunately, however, we can do little about the law.

    I think it's important that all of you realize the risk involved in purchasing anything from Grasscity. Also, you should be aware that neither the argument that "it could be used to smoke anything" nor the argument that "they can't know what I plan to do with it" makes any difference with regard to the federal law. As I said in a previous post, state law enforcement officials are allowed to make decisions about prosecution based on their opinion of your intended use of a particular item, but federal officals are bound by the objective law discussed above and in the article. ALL BONGS ARE ILLEGAL. I hope that the information I've provided doesn't dissuade you from enjoying yourself, though. With some luck, this ludicrous law will be changed at some point in the near future.

    Keep smoking, cats.
  9. I disagree, there's a smoke shop one mile from my house that sells all sorts of pipes and bongs, there's also a place at the mall that sells hookahs. It's all legit and more importantly Grasscity is a bit safer because at no point does anyone but you and the seller know that you're buying it, customs would have to randomly open your package at some point to know what it is, and I'm not even quite sure if that's illegal.
  10. unless its sumkinda threat it is very illeagle it is invasion of privacy and u sue them for that so thay wont even touch it
  11. The difference between having one with you and in a head shop, is that head shops are REQUIRED to place disclaimers, saying that their products are ONLY for tobacco use.

    The disclaimer protects the actual head shop. Unfortunately, once it is in your posession, it can be considered drug periphanilia because YOU aren't wearing a disclaimer saying that your bong is only for smoking tobacco.

    And no... wearing a sign saying that your brong is for tobacco won't help.

  12. hahahaha, damn, that'd be funny as hell to see people walkin around wit a sign that says "my bong is for tobacco use only" they should make a shirt that says that.....

    damn biatch i'm high
  13. Bongs are illegal "water pipes" are not.. ;) get it.. so if you walk into a head shop and ask for a "bong" chances are you will be thrown out, unless they are cool about it and inform you that its a water pipe. I've learned this the hard way, i asked for a bong and the whole place went silent.. it was odd i felt so out of place.
  14. I've ordered all kinds of stuff from GrassCity and had no
    problems. Go ahead and order.
  15. I would assume it's safe to order from Grasscity for the same reason it's safe to purchase waterpipes from a headshop.

    In a headshop, it says "For tobacco use only." Right. But I do believe that Grasscity makes that sort of statement as well on the site - maybe not as blatant as that, but they never say it's for 'marijuanna.' I'm pretty sure they actually refer to it as 'tobacco' a few times.

    Grasscity is way too damn big to not have been shut down already if it was violating laws. Maybe yes, when YOU get it, it's illegal, but I believe it'd be safe to order from the site, simply because it's not going to be searched. Not from a place that's 'legal', anyhow.

    And I could have sworn 'Customs' was for importing things from out of the country INTO the country...

    I know there's one for exporting and one for importing. I forget which is which now. :D

  16. Yes, Grasscity is much too large not to have been shut down by now. Fortunately, though, the company isn't headquartered in the US, which means that the US Government has no authority over them. It's not unprecedented for our country to exert pressure on other governments to force them to crack down on businesses supplying products that are illegal in the US, but Grasscity is located in The Netherlands, one of the few countries in the world that ignores our threats (specifically with regard to drug paraphenalia and prohibition laws). Grasscity wouldn't be around for long if they were located in the US.

    Also, possession of ANY type of "water pipe" is a federal offense in the US. Again, state authorities are allowed to use good judgement to determine if a particular water pipe should be considered drug paraphenalia, but federal law enforcement agencies cannot discriminate. If you read the article I linked a few messages above, you'll notice that the DEA and the Department of Justice were the only organizations involved in the raids; no state or local police at all. With the "objective rule" in place, any package containing a "water pipe" searched by customs entering the country can be confiscated and the recipient can be prosecuted. I wouldn't worry too much about the latter possibility, though, because it's unlikely that the DOJ would be worried enough about one bong to dedicate their valuable time and resources to prosecuting the person who purchased it.

    Be advised, however, that the Government DOES search packages entering the country and has the legal authority to confiscate all water pipes.

    Customs searches packages originating in other countries. While some products at Grasscity are shipped from locations within the US, quite a few come from Europe. The bong that I ordered last month came from Paris. In other words, make sure to choose the FedEx or UPS shipping option. Customs searches their packages as well, but they search many more of the shipments sent through the US Postal Service because both are government agencies.

    You're all cool, guys. I'm just trying to clear up any misconceptions about the legality of water pipes. Obviously I'm not trying to discourage you from buying products from Grasscity; I just bought something myself!

    Keep smokin', cats.
  17. the worse that will happen is they send you a slip of paper that says something that was shipped to you was confiscated because it went against US shipping code.

    if grasscity was in the states they could be fined or even put out of buisness for sending it to you like what happen to chong glass, but sense their not it's no worries.

    but dont worry, having a bong shipped to you wont get you arrested or cause a mark on your file... the worse that will happen is customs will take it away.

    there wont be feds at your door.
  18. Sadly enough, the whole reason I didn't understand your concept was because I had NO idea that Grasscity was in the Netherlands.

    This whole time, I was thinking it was in the US.


    Well, no problems here. I use pipes... and I am pretty sure pipes are legal. :D
  19. Cool, cool.

    I just want everyone to enjoy their buds safely!

    Keep smokin', cats!
  20. The night goes 90, all pipes are 100% legal until you smoke weed in em. They are all tobacco pipes, until you get weed resin in it. The head shops in the US are also legal, because they sell pipes for tobacco smoking. Nothing illegal at all.

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