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  1. my partner killed the clones that were to go into the spot.
    so now i just wont to get WHATEVER i can into the ground and get something back. but i wont to do it very late for sneaky sake. i read about starting your clones on a 12/12 inside and then takeing them out into gods big light after they have been going for a month or so. water food and light is great in the spot till mid sep so if i start flowering now i should have 20 maybe 30 jump started clones in the ground by mid july. given they are 65 day genetics indoor under 1250 watts mother natures big bulb should be good, yes?
  2. How late is TOO late??

    If you are an outdoor grower then grow outdoor.
    Artificial lights are just that, artificial. You would appear to be inducing flowering indoors then wanting to move them outdoors - I cannot think of a good reason why you would want to do that.
    This sort of stress can make them go hermie.
    Give them God´s good sun from the beginning.
  3. hey spanish fly I have spent some time reading most of your post and i respect your knowledge! so i would would just ask that you show the same respect you don't know me and just for your info i have been growing indoors for almost 10 years now. i have only this year decided to go outdoors for personal reasons. i spent many hours out scouting for the spot and have camped several times trough the last year taking notes on times of sunrise and sunset for my area. i have gone to the camping site close to the spot on big holidays just to see how many people get into the hills in the trail on the big camping holidays and i have done this for over a year now just to make sure. i turned and amended my holes last fall and covered with black tarp and camouflage so i was ready for this season.

    i have read several articles for the net to HT and CC that say that putting your clones out door after jump-starting them inside can double if not triple your take and with the right genetics jump-starting the hormones indoors has so far shown to get the crop in as early as mid aug to early sep. almost a month before THE MAN is even out looking for the spots. i only ask in here is because i do respect the opinions of the members just like spanish fly.

    i am 38 years old and i respect all for the hard earned knowledge or at least for there willingness to to learn. constructive criticisms is great! but let us all remember we are here because society and the man have no respect. so let us all be the better and not stoop to there level. LIVE LEARN AND PEACE FOR ALL LIKE MINDED AND WILLING.:cool: ;)
  4. man that is deep, I completely agree. And as far as your clones go I would start em inside, I have had better grows that way. Good Luck!
  5. Hey, angel, cool it man. Sorry if I touched a nerve. Bit sensitive are we??

  6. Yes, I always start clones under a gentle minifluoro, and move them outside as soon as they have roots. But neither of us give a 12/12 light cycle like angel suggests. That is asking for problems.
  7. I don't know fly, I have read on a few grow guides that if you need valuable space in your grow room inside that is perfectly fine to take them outside in the last 3 or 4 weeks of flowering... don't know for sure... just what I read.

  8. Yes, but you don´t do that at this time of the year. Plants outside are not flowering yet. The days are still getting longer.
  9. Yeah, I know, but they also said after a certain point of flowering, that the plant would continue flowering and not revert... it's not something I would want to try myself, but still. haha.
  10. Sorry for the sensitive post. I thought it was a bit over the top after I read it . As for the amount of light if I start clones again that will give me 10 day to 2 weeks for rooting thats mid june, then a 4 weeks flower under 1250 mh and hps mix, thats mid july thats the turning point and in my spot the sun is behind the hills by 9 in mid july. My genetics have a bit of russian Ruderalis back crossed in. I am hoping that even if they are small, they will be bigger in a the ground in a 4x4x4 hole and gods MH, then if they stayed in there indoor pots.
  11. As most know it is perfectly acceptable if not the preferred way to harden off your vegetive plants by acclimating them to the outdoor. Most would say "an hour a day for 30 days. So why not buds? Are we so scared to let the earth do its job. If a hermaphrodite plant happens, you don't have to pay for seeds for a couple seasons. I don't like hermit seeds but many people are paying TOP $$$$ for these, just look at the number of post on GC.

    If the clone went hermaphrodite you can almost always attribute it to transplant shock. I don't find that to be a problem if you just start good heathy clones with a good root mass into great soil.

    I have had the chance to get my soil, light and air just were it works for me (it is a bit of a proud point for me) and again with a very small investment in seeds. And yes bagseed.

    Ok I am stone and that went all over the place. to be continued.....
  12. I prefer to grow from seeds rather than clones, and pollinate a branch or two for next year. Seedlings certainly do not need to be acclimatized to the sun, MJ is a tropical plant, they can take full sun from day 1.
    Once mine are up they get the sun and nothing but the sun. I see no point in messing with artificial lights which are way less powerful than the sun and cost you money to run.
    I am an outdoor grower all the way through.
  13. Yes, I always start clones under a gentle minifluoro, and move them outside as soon as they have roots. But neither of us give a 12/12 light cycle like angel suggests. That is asking for problems.__________________

    Spanish Fly ....from the above statement you made about this.....have your plants every experienced alot of stress because of this transfer.? going from neons to the really worry because i planted my weak little (6 inchs tall) plants under the sun after they have been under 4 footer neons....should i worry about this....please help settle my mind...whats the worst that can happen (death) or do you know any other post on this ....?
  14. The clones I did introduce to full sun a bit gently, but had no problems. Any difficulties will be rapidly apparent - if you haven´t noticed anything untoward yet, and they are making green growth, they will be OK.
  15. Ok so here is what I guess i was trying to say earlier.

    I have never really had any problems with hermies. I take care not to get to crazy when I transplant. SO I think if get them going healthy inside and then move them outside with soft hands (like a QB in over time) it can only do good for them. With the increase in light and extra space the BIG holes give them I just don't think I shouldn't have any problem. Hopefully they will stay short with the lack of season but they should really fill out with the addition of God's big light, rooting area and the totally kick ass dirt.

    I am pretty sure I am going to do this. I started the 24 alaskan thunderfuck clones. This was a Matanasku seed that was crossed with Ramulin about 4 years ago and then last year we crossed again with NL#1 just to stabilize it. 50 of the best were keep and we've seeded out three times last year with the same NL#1 Papa. I am going to put a bunch of these seeds into next years holes give the whole season and hope for the that famed hybrid vigor from seed.
  16. Yes, try no to mess too much with the rootballs when you transplant. Keep them intact.
  17. My favorite thing to do indoors is to start them in the kager cups. After two weeks in a bubble mist bucket heated with a fishtank heater (1 teaspoon h202, and 1 teaspoon B1, 1 teaspoon bloom buster, to the 4 gallons of water in the clone bucket). The roots are so thick, healthy and white. When I put them in the pre-watered dirt (30 Lowes' best 30 REAL GOOD compost 30 washed medium river rock) I take care not to break any off as i slowly fill in the soil around them I lightly mist the soil as i ad it to the cup and I don't water the cups after then full. They do just fine in the transfer and never a single hermaphrodite.
    After 4 to 6 weeks every clone gets it own 5 gallon-bucket.

    This the care I take indoors. So if I give the same attention to the great outdoors. Starting mid July may turn out to be not so bad.

    If this works I might try and move more clones into the rooting room just for the added benefit if the short crop getting THE BIG BULB and even bigger holes then the 5 gallon bucket ever could.

    So I guess that I lost a decent amount if time in the start of my first grow outside. I worked very hard to get to the place were I could get the originals in the ground first week of june and just one time high and in the grow-room and shit gets broken.

    Just maybe this will work nice and we can all learn a thing or two.

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