How Late in Season Can One Start?

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  1. I live in the Southern US and the growing season is pretty long here. Just out of curiosity, if one was going to do an outdoor grow, how late would be too late to start? 
    What factors are there to consider when determining planting times? I assume first and last frost are important. I would also guess that the later one starts, the less time there are for the plants to get some size on them before flowering. Anything else?

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      Plant size at least with Photoperiods is all about how long they veg for.. Usually you can plant seeds outside around May 1st and put clones out on June 1st.. Just June and July are dependable veg months as they start to flower around mid Aug.. That said there are ways around that.. Depending on just how far south you are and how warm your winters are you can use that to your advantage and flower out of season..
      I'm in Southern California and frost is rare and freezing is unheard of so I can use the outside as my year round flower room.. I veg up my plants under T5 high output fluorescents till they are about 2 feet tall then plant them in the ground outside..
      You can beat your late start with some additional lighting if it gets to Aug and your plants are still small and need more veg time.. It doesn't take much light to keep a plant awake at night.. A clamp light on a stick will do, even a high powered solar light does it..
 I have a couple of this.. Some out of season plants of my own from last year..
  3. Planting times depend on your latitude pretty much.  I'm at 44N and my season runs from the end of May to the beginning of October for example.  If you're south of me you'll have a longer season, if you're north you'll have a shorter season.  I did a late crop last year and planted on the first of August - I still managed to pull 6 zips per plant with those patches.  You've got time, but don't take your time.  Go hard and bang out your job so you can relax for the summer, it'll be worth it!

  4. Outside is your year round flower space? Man I need to leave the UK :(
  5.   I veg them up in a broken down garden shed under 24-0 lights and put them out at about 2 or 3 feet tall.. 4 runs per year in the same holes in the yard.. While it's not cannabis cup winning super tight bud it's still plenty potent for all it's fluffy looks and most of it gets hashed up anyhow so it's all good.. Legal medical grows in California since 1996.. it's really not very hard to get a card..
    Things are changing and changing fast since Colorado went publicly legal for anybody.. Governments can see the money to be made and old laws will tumble fast under that kind of cash cow free tax money tree..
  6. I like it, if you paid someone enough at hight times cup I'm. Sure you'd win ;) To be honest you are able to use outside year round and that's something special. I've heard in Scotland, they don't believe in summer. It's a myth to them

    Not in the UK mate. I think 3 people have managed to get a medical card through europe with much legal fighting. For every one of them the next became harder and I don't believe any more have succeeded. Here you're okay as long as you're not a dick about it. Theres loads of UK clone only strains knocking about that are absolutely delicious!
    It's basically a decriminalised class B drug. Most doctors won't even talk about its medical benefits with you and sativex is the only legal drug on the market that's available to practically no one who needs it. If you are successful it costs about £10 a day and rarely will.the NHS pay. That's more than bulk buying good cannabis off a reliable source. Any slight change mentioned has never happened. I wish I were more optimistic about us changing our laws but I truly believe I'll emigrate before it ever happens :/
  7. Thanks everyone for the replies. Sorry that I didn't reply sooner. For some reason I didn't receive any notifications!
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    Thats a lot like what I do. I have a ghetto flowering room in my toolshed but any hermies, males, or less than amazing plants get put outside to finish. That way nothing goes to waste. Then it all goes to Fullmelt nug run ice hash. Mmmm. :)

    They actually handle the cold temps better out in nature than they do inside the toolshed with shelter. Fresh air and lots of rootspace goes a long way for plants temp tolerances.

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