How lame can these 12 year olds get?

Discussion in 'General' started by Thurmond_420, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I was on myspace today and this kid that was on my friends list posted this shit on a bulliten:

    After that he put this video: [ame=""]YouTube - GreenDay - Wake Me Up When September Ends [official video][/ame]

    I just cant help but laugh at how lame little middle school drama is, oh and good luck comprehending half of the shit he was trying to say, I just thought this was kind of funny. :wave:
  2. Who would have thought the internet would become a haven for angst ridden teenagers to vent their silly woes?

    Luckily all the hardcore porn out there counter balances the emo bullshit like this.
  3. lmao

    middle school kids arent even old enough to have a myspace.
  4. I stole his gf.
  5. I hate stupid people.

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    Fucking emo kids.

    Life sucks, shit happens, DEAL WITH IT.

    All I gotta say.

    Ah internet porn, the cure for everything.. The internet would never be where it is today without it!
  7. AAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAaaaah... Oh my. No threats of suicide by cutting his wrist the wrong way? Maybe some eye-liner and black curtains over his windows might be more effective as a message to the masses?
  8. Why would I even go on the internet besides these 3 things:
    - Homework
    - Porn
    - Pictures of weed

    I wouldn't
  9. why would you have a 12 year old in your friends?
    kinda weird..
  10. Not exactly sure, hard to measure something like that but how lame is a person that, upon reading this message from their 12-year old friend, felt the sudden urge to create a topic about it?


  11. This guy seems legit, ohh man that gave me a good laugh.
  12. hahahahah cali.

  13. like the song tho.
    and the fact that i like it makes me sad.
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    that video was so emo, my wrists started to spontaneously bleed.
  15. i watched the first thirty seconds of that video and i could slowly feel eyeliner forming around my eyes and my clothes turning black...
    it was scary
  16. man i fuggin swear kids are so damn dumb these days. im not even braggin or anythin (oooh look i know how to write :rolleyes:) but when i was in middle school i know i didnt spell/write anywhere NEAR as bad as that.

    its so sad, and even people at my job who are 18 spell like damn toddlers. they basically take someones order on the register and i make the order and i see the name on the paper. ive seen names butchered like crazy.....susan as "suezin", and "adrean" for adrian, and the one that pissed me off the most, "PAMULA" :mad:

    it pissed me off because i have to call the persons name to give them their order and i was pronouncing it "Puh Mew La" when its fuggin PAMELA . stupid illiterate whore :mad:
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    DUDE. Fucking QFT ^

    People don't give a shit about grammar or spelling anymore, and it just makes them look like fucking morons.

    How can you not master your own fucking language when every foreigner who wants to live here has to learn it?
  18. So you're saying burntwaffle is 12 years old? No? Wait a minute.

    I'm still confused about why you have a 12 year old befriended on myspace.
  19. Daaamn, Cali god banned fast.

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