How Judge Napolitano got rousted from FOX News

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Fuck yeah! Peach it brother!
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  2. He along with the rest of their primetime shows was booted by the low rated network. He wasn't singled out. It wasn't a conspiracy to silence him. No Illuminati here. He wasn't making them money so they axed him. Why does everything have to be an attack on Libertaria... excuse me.. Liberty with you?
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  3. At which point was "illuminati" or "conspiracy theory" mentioned?

    I've only seen it mentioned once in this thread and the source was less than reputable.
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  4. I couldn't even be bothered to reply to his bullshit anymore.
  5. That's right. To be clear Napolitano wasn't fired from Fox News, his show was cancelled on Fox Business Channel. He's still on Fox as a contributor, he just doesn't have his own show.
  6. Because you know that your brand of bullshit is full of sensationalism, half-truths and outright lies which is easily debunked or corrected.
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  7. it was a good video.. didn't strike me as sensationalist, just posing questions and making the viewer consider that perhaps our civil liberties are being encroached on by an evermore authoritarian gov't...

    i don't think he got fired, but it wouldn't be surprising that a narrative like that would get him pushed out of the network

    similar thing happened to cenk uygur who was pushed out of his show on MSNBC that got top ratings, but according to the network head, "people in washington" did not like cenk's "tone".

    amber lyon quit CNN because she found out CNN was being paid by the gov't of Bahrain to cover up its human rights abuses.

    both people have shared their stories.
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