How it all started for me

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    *updated version, hopefully now it'll be easier to read*
    Well guys, this is how smoking weed all started for me, now this story is long but all true so bare with me on this. It started out about 3 years ago. I didn't have a job back then so how I made money one summer was getting a call from my aunt and uncle saying they needed help moving some stuff from the old medical office, my uncle's a doctor.
    Anyway, first day on the job of my aunt and uncle, I met them at a truck shipment yard and my uncle needed a hauling dock for his truck, so we drove home and the first thing I did was screw the hauling dock onto the truck. From there I cleared out a bunch of old stuff from behind their house and tossed it all in the truck, then my uncle helped me tie on the things that hold the stuff in the haul and we drove off to the dump. When we got there, I had a lot of fun and a good workout throwing the heavy stuff down onto the crushing floor where they drive over the stuff with really big trucks.  
    So then we met up with my Aunt and Cousin for lunch at a small Mexican restaurant, it was really good. So after we ate lunch, we had to go to a local furniture store to see how much they would pay for an old table we had tied to the back of the truck, but they didn't want it so we had to get it back on to the hauling dock, and my cousin showed me what I didn't know back then about lifting heavy stuff; all the power comes from the legs, not the arms. So when we drove the table back to my aunt and uncle's house, that's when my cousin asked me "hey you want to try some weed?" and at first I was kinda hesitant to it but he told me I only take as much as I need, he told me "you seem a little tense, this will help relax you" and so I gave into the idea. So he took me to his room and showed me how to grind up your bud before loading a bong.
    So then he showed me how to hit it and then passed it to me and said "i'll light it for you, you gotta give me a thumbs up when you're ready for me to pull the bowl" and so i did, took a hit, held it in for a few seconds then blew it out, and i coughed a little bit but not too much. Then I saw all the food he had in his room and i'm like "wow, that stuff really makes you hungry?" to which he replied "oh yeah, it gets ya alright". so that was the first time i had ever smoked it but not the first time i'd gotten high.
    Then we headed back to my house. So before he left, i whispered to him "so you think we'll do it again next weekend?" and he said "oh yeah" cause they needed me the next week. So then next week came and i met them at the medical office and did all the stuff they wanted me to do for the time being.
    So after everything was done I said to my cousin "so are we gonna do it later?" and he said "we can do it now if you want" and so i said sure, so my cousin's friend rolled a joint and i remembered being very intrigued by her skills. So then we smoked the joint and this time is when i did get high because i remember i hit it and coughed for like 10 seconds and my cousin said "you're gonna be high now, you gotta cough to get off" then i felt like i was on a cloud and the ocean cause i was swaying and that's what i said when i described how i was feeling. my cousin said "enjoy it cuz" and i'm like "oh i am".
    then i noticed chips my cousin was eating and asked for some, he gave them to me and i started downing them and noticed how damn good food tastes when high or stoned. So then my Aunt came in and she said we should go down to the deli that was down the street so we did, i got the same sandwich as my cousin and his friend.
    Then after we ate, the girl who rolled the joint tried to roll a blunt but it wasn't working so she just rolled another joint. This is when i got fucked up, we were smoking an indica (didn't know that then) and i took waaaayyy too many hits and started coughing a fucking lung, and not to mention that there wasn't even an hour in between both joints. First thing I noticed was everything was like in slow motion and i couldn't tell where I was, then music started playing and i started hearing it in a completely new way, like i had never heard music before, it's almost as if it was like alien music or something (something Steven from that 70's show might say).
    But then the couch lock kicked in and boy was i weighed down, it felt like someone had tied an anchor to me and every time i tried to stand up, i got pulled back down. I really noticed time distortion when i went into the bathroom to take a dump, i felt like i was only in there for 5 minutes and when my cousin knocked on the door, i'm like "how long have i been in here, like 5 minutes right?" and he said "no, you've been in there for 20". Anyway, ever since that day i've loved weed. In fact I just smoked an indica and I'm writing this stoned. Thanks for reading, hope you made it to the very end.

  2. Paragraphs man
  3. broooo omg i can so relate to coughing on the first time getting high. first time it didn't work cuz i didn't cough and im pretty sure i wasnt inhaling right

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  4. Holy shit wall of text. Once you add breaks and indents I'll read itSent from my anus.
  5. no attempt on this one
  6. the hell does that mean?
  7. haha fa sho, glad you can relate
  8. Yes, way too messy to read.
  9. just edited my story and cut the sentences apart, so please no more negative replies
  10. The first time I ever smoked was with a bunch of friends on a night out. I was about 15 back then and we were supposed to go to a Reggae concert. Anyways, my friend packs a glass pipe (the really small, thin one) and since I used to smoke cigarettes for like a year or so I knew how to inhale smoke so it didn't really cough me up that much. Anyway, We smoked about a pipe each, there were about five of us and the next thing you know, everyone is high as a kite and we're just walking around the park chilling and stuff.

    So we're just walking, chilling and talking, when we see two people approaching, bear in mind it was already dark so we couldn't see who it was. Next thing you know my friend thought it would be funny to make us think its the cops.. Being the kids that we were we freaked out, everyone ran in different directions and tried to hide somehow, I only remember I was pretending to be a tree, but it was winter, so there were no leaves, and the trees were like 2-3 metres high so the trunks were really thin - I couldn't have possibly looked like a tree, but hey - it made sense to me at that time.

    We ended up going to that concert, and everything was cool, even got a couple of beers and then went home. Nothing special.
    It wasn't the best experience, but it sure was the first one I ever had :)

    As for other times, I lived in a house with a large front porch, with grapevine growing all over it so it was cozy as fuck. My oldest brother, 3 years older than me, used to work in a restaurant with a guy who had pretty good stuff, and he always bought it from him and took it home.
    I remember him rolling the fattest blunts with flavoured blunt-wraps and bringing them home for me and my girlfriend of 5 years(1year back then) at like 1 am in the night during summertime.
    Damn that was some good times. Mom asleep in the house upstairs and just the three of us, blazing the shit out of fat blunts, sitting on a warm summer night talking about the most meaningless things imaginable. We always used to watch Family Guy after that.. This is what my first experiences with bud looked like at the beginning. Anyone else want to share? :)

  11. im glad you made the effort to insert paragraphs
  12. Yeah, thay guy deserves a medal.

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    haha nice story man. i love reggae, in fact my homie just told me there's going to be a concert in march with the bands seedless and the expendables, i've been listening to their music, sounds hella sick

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