How is your mouth Nubbin?

Discussion in 'General' started by Smoky, Aug 14, 2002.

  1. All day, I have been thinking about you going under the knife....I really feel for you. I had a molar pulled 3 days before Christmas and got dry socket. One of the most painful things in the world! Everything was closed and I couldn't get to a dentist for a week.

    Not even tylenol 3's would put a dent in it.......Whatever you do, do not smoke for three days or suck on a straw (or anything else for that matter!) It is definitely not worth the pain!

    Hope you feel better soon. Consider this a get-well card.

    Love and Peace
  2. critter..where the fuck do you find those smileys?'re just a crazy old man living in a barn somewhere spending all day making new smileys on your computer so you can use them one day during a conversation...go do something important like smoking drugs!!

    thanks for the "get-well card" smoky..Yeah I went in to the surgeon at 11 am and It was weird because I laid down on the reclining dentist chair thing and they put some monitors on my chest and arm and stuff..then they stuck a massive IV in my other arm. Then the doctor (who is secretly a serial killer IMO) begins talking to me and says " so where do you wanna go for the next half hour?" and I replied "well I suppose Ill be going to sleep..but just a warning doc, im gonna fight the sleepyness as much as I gimme all ya got!"...then he smiled, walked away to do crazy doctor stuff then came back a while later with some nurses and stuff, and I swear to god I was lying there listening to them and I blinked my fuckin eyes, and when I opened them again they were already in my mouth and they were talking about only needing one more stitch and they were was nothing like I had thought it would be, no "youre getting veeeery sleepy" type was just instantaneous and boring... maybe it was because they had given me sedatives the first time I had been put out for a surgery as a child and so I was expecting the sleepy part and gave my hopes up...

    anyhoo, I got a friend to drive me home, I laid on the couch for about two hours and then realized that I was beginning to feel my face again, which meant the local anesteathic was beginning to wear I ran over to my cabinet and took out three ibuprofen, 2 vicodin, and my magic codeine pills I mentioned before, and popped all of took about half an hour between the anesteathic wearing off and the pills to kick in so I had to endure 30 minutes of the most painful throbbing in my head and mouth...but as soon as the pills kicked in..I was in stuporville...I began giggling and trying to walk around the house, even though my body felt like I had sand bags hanging on me I felt the strong urge to walk around and giggle instead of laying somewhere and giggling... But now its the night after and im feeling great..Ive got my codeine and other candy cocktails all set up according to time so I never feel mouth is a wreck though, I have two missing teeth on my top mouth where they ripped out the baby bicuspids, then behind those empty sockets are two slits on each side that go to the back of my mouth about another inch that are sewn up. And on top of that I have these two weird looking gold chains hangin out of the slits and cemented to some top teeth...I looked at the roof of my mouth with two mirrors and it seriousely looks like someone took a shotgun to my upper palate...its disgusting...I cant feel it fortunately, but its still pretty nasty to see.

    Ive already smoked massive amounts of bowls at the county fair that I went to with friends tonight and I washed it down with some vodka and jack daniels, so im thinkin Ill be ok, as long as I dont smoke nicotine, and with such a strong alcohol content it should be ok for my mouth...

    Im gonna go pop some more vics and codeine and giggle at the television though, so im out..but thanks all for your concern..
  3. well..thats great to hear. and they really did shoot you with a shotgun...oh..and stuck weird pointy things up your anus..twice
  4. Dental work sucks, all the best to you nubbin.

  5. NuBBiN dental work is a literal pain, hope you're propped up with milkshakes aplenty & loads of painkillers to take off the edge AND THEN SOME. I want to know more about those "magic codeine pills"... just what is so magical about them?!

    the thing is, i don't know what you REALLY look like, so i am now imagining the ice cream man walking around his house giggling his pervy little head off. heehee!! :D

    hope you feel better! if not, painkillers are just a step away...
  6. well ill tell yopu what ganjaphish..I drank a lot of vodka tonight and im drunk as can be...therefor i feel no pain and things have taken on a groovy flow...i am now going to leave because its a lot harder to type drunk than stoned so goodbye...KISSES TO EVERYONE WHO BELIEVES IN THE BUDDHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. ...that sounds like fun zia, I still have my wisdom teeth..I dont remember what the deal was but the ones that have already come in fit and dont need to be taken out, and the ones that havent come in yet are late and will have to be ripped from my actually going in for a consultaion to get those ones out soon as soon as this damage to my mouth clears up ill go back and get some more done to me...lifes great
  8. you wanna watch those codine pills nubbsy- they give you BIG constipation if you take to many- seriously you will not be shitting more than small painful lumps for months and months on end, matey. Your rate of peristalsis will go to next to nuthin. Trust me- I work in a chemist's as a healthcare assistant. Ps what is the whole thing with the codine pills being "magic" anyways- do you take some special preperation?
  9. Yeah I know they constipate ya..most opiates will...but i havent been hvain any "small painful lumps" yet, so its ok..theyre magicval because I extrtacted the codeine myself and put them in very large single dose tabs...and because theyre kosher
  10. Damn NuBB's! So, did they actually have to cut some teeth out...I either missed it or was too lazy to catch it. Or did they just pull them? I had all of my wisdom teeth done at once and I didn't get an fact, I've never been on an IV at the dentist. I think they just gave me shots in the mouth and giggle gas. Heh...I still have my wisdom teeth in a little pouch in a box. I'm such a freak. So, are you still hurting? My man has to have some serious dental work done soon and I'm dreading it more than he is. Poor, NuBBiN!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are feeling better, Man!!!!!;)

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