How is your friday going?

Discussion in 'General' started by iPwnF00lz, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. I'm not gonna lie today was fun as hell for me.​
    I went to my friends chilled for about 2 hours playing NHL10 then picked up a small sack (maybe .7) of dank. We grinded it up and packed one hitter bowls and each faced on and went back and fourth to finish it. We smoked his bong on the back porch next to his side yard and at a right angle to a street. I'm feeling damn good today and actually got to enjoy my high and chill with it, and now I'm waiting for a few friends to get into town and were going to hang out then.

    What did you guys all do today?
  2. pretty specific on where you smoked, lol

    mine was alright, ive been on GC ALL DAY :(

    but im hiiiiigh on some danks, so dense, its like a rock
  3. School, then the fucking dentist.

    But nothing wrong with my teeth, picked up Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Heard good things about it.

    Gonna blaze, browse gc and watch some tv... no work, no bullshit, just a relaxing night.
  4. mine is just starting its only 5 all the fun has yet to start ;)
  5. its been alright...ive been sick with a shitty cold...and my buddy ditched me like a little vagina to hang out with some other kid who nobody except for him likes cuz that kid is a douche that only cares about himself...smoked a joint to my face, found out my favorite band is coming to a venue near me in a couple months (slightly stoopid)...and i got a buffalo chicken sub with ranch dressing and lettuce on it lol

  6. Sounds like a good day hah, maybe ill head to subway now

    fuck that guy, let him figure it out.
  7. my fridays pretty good so far, even tho i have bronchitis. ive been sippin on the tussionix that i got prescribed. parents are out of town for the night. i could have a party but i think im just gunna pick up an 8th and vape tonight, just me and my gf. :hello::smoking: gunna b a nice relaxing night. oh and i just ordered a pepperoni stuffed crust pan pizza from pizza hut.

  8. lol everyone tells this kid that they have no idea why he hangs out with the douchebag..nobody in my town likes him except for like 3 at the point where i would rather hang out by myself that go hangout with my friend and that dbag...whenever i talk to people from my high school class they are always laugh once i say the dbag kids name...shit is ridiculous lol
  9. Didn't do a damn thing all day but smoke! And make firecrackers

    Lots of food, drink, buds, and family for the new year tonight though so I'm excited!
  10. im so fuckin pissed at my boss at work
    fuckin crazy bitch

    w/e, im too fucked up to explain it all, plus ive already ranted to like 3-4 ppl today as it is

  11. I know what you mean bro.

    He`s one of those guys that when you call your buddies to see whats good, you always wanna know if THAT GUY is gonna be there.

    I got a couple people on my ``S`` hit list also.
  12. aww you can't just start a story like that and leave us hanging
  13. Chill right now, smoked a bowl to the head of some casey jones, gonna go to the casino tonite or the fresno state-boise state game, might go to the casino, less money spent overall.
  14. ya my firday was going good utill my boss decided to lay off 7 people....i was one of them...but i guess there is a good side to boss is still paying my insurence for my whole family (wife and kid and me) and when he laid me off he gave me 3 weeks paid vacation that i was spose to get in i guess this means ill be commin back but proly not till after the new year:( time to go work at a collective for the time being lol

    i cant wait to get home though i have some "bart simpson kush" decendent from the "Homer" strain..shit kicks ass everytime lol.. proly going to go to a collective today to buy some other strain maybe a weed soda and a brownieor 2 and get some super couch loc goin down to drown my sorrows haha

  15. haha exactly...its just so annoying that my actual friend likes him...cuz im forced to hang out wit the kid sometimes

    lol so me and my friend were gonna smoke a blunt at my house...then like 30 minutes later my friend calls me telling me hes going to the dbags house (im like wtf) and then he said that this kids not even gonna smoke cuz he had to go on the radio soon (college radio) and didnt wanna be im like whats the point of going to this kids house then lol if hes not gonna smoke...i dont wanna chill with the end of the phone call is like this

    friend - so u wanna go there?
    Me - uh...not reaaalllllyyyy (then i start laughing)
    friend - dickhead (hangs up)

    lol im the dick even tho we made plans and then he completely neglected it...btw my friend is borderline retarded haha
  16. I woke up at 5:30 to go to school. I was there until 2. I went straight from there to an appointment with my probation officer then I came home. I've been here for about 30 minutes. I ate a percocet and a half and a ms contin. Now I have to go to work for 5 hours. I don't know what I'm doing after work. I'll probably just come home drink a couple beers and pass out lol.:rolleyes:
  17. okay

    so i was slicing meat

    i had to slice
    roast beef
    and angus

    i started slicing the capicola and we put it on automatic slicing, and we just pick up the meat and put it into containers, and kinda watch it,(keep it thin sliced and shit)
    well i had it on, and i turned around to wrap up a sandwich and my boss starts tellin me that i need to just focus on slicing, and that it was takin too long and i need to start going faster (how am i supposed to go faster than the highest setting on the slicer?)
    well in the middle of the capicola it started fuckin up, and wouldnt slice, and we all were trying to figure out what was wrong, and none of us could(including her; my boss)
    well after a minute i found out there was a fuckin bone in the capicola
    she gets mad, and asks me why i didnt know there was a bone it it
    WTF! how the fuck am i supposed to know that, did she know? no, wtf, there arent supposed to be bones in it
    well i throw the roast beef on, and start writing the day slips for the capicola and the roast beef
    after the beef was done, i was about to throw the rib on, so that it would be slicing while i took the RB and the cap. to the refrigerator, and she gets mad again and tells me that i need to put the meat away before i start slicing the rib
    i was like wtf, youre contradicting yourself
    you just told me im not going fast enough, and when i try to get things done faster, you tell me not to do that
    she told me that i had an attitude and asked me if i wanted to go home
    i said, if you dont need me
    and she said well then clock out
    so i left

    well today she had a talk with me of course(i just nodded, and took it, w/e)
    well later her husband had a talk with me too
    and mentioned that i have to fully support our stores products and shit
    and i was like wtf, i do, what does that have to do with anything
    and he told me that she said that i was talking about eating subways food the other day
    i was like WTF, that was like just a conversation that i had with her(before i even started working, and with no customers around)

    all i said was that i used to like eating the fresh bread right outta the oven at subway, and put some oil on it, and dip it in oregano
    i thought me and her were just having a conversation about good food
    i wasnt bumpin on quizno's food or anything, i was just tellin her something that i liked
    and it wasnt to a customer, or even when any were around(i wouldnt of said that shit to a customer)
    and that just pissed me off more, that she would go around saying that bullshit to me

    idk man, im fuckin pissed
    i fuckin work my ass off for them, and they even told me they were gonna make me a supervisor soon
    but all they do is fuckin bitch at me

    you might not even understand any of this shit, cause its stuff that has to do with where im working, and i dont know if i left out any important details that would make it make sense
    plus like i said, im fucked up
    OC80's FTW
  18. There is an awesome movie on AMC right now, it's Indians hunting wild buffalo and being sad that they find skinned buffalo left to rot from the white men that only take their fur and tongue. Chillin outt haha:smoke:
  19. I found a twenty on the ground walking into class today!

    I picked it up, only to see a girl staring at me with huge eyes. (good lookin' too)
    I said, Is this yours? And she said, nope.

    I told her for being honest, i'd split it with her. Because if someone every asks me if I lost any money, the answer is always yes. (Plus she was sitting literally 3 feet away from it outside in the courtyard.

    So I split it ten, ten, and ever got a number :)
    Got all my book work done early, and i'm about to go pick up an 18 pack of some LB, pregame, then head to a party. It's been a great day so far.
  20. wow that's such fucking bullshit IDK why 90% of the time when a boss/manager/higher up person gets something wrong they always blame it on someone else rather than just accept that "hey you know what I fucked up" and move on

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