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How is weed your medicine?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Silemanx, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. I'm a really nervous person. Constantly in fear of being ridiculed, always try to appear intelligent, never relaxed, fear of offending people, and I can NEVER HAVE FUN. But when I smoke my anxieties seem less of my personality, and actually something I can control.

    I do have a question though, should I smoke early in the day or late in the day? If I smoke earlier, I'll be around people more so I'll face my anxieties/fears more often. If I smoke later in the day, it will be more of a stress relief for what the anxiety has caused. Or maybe both? Haha.

    How do you use weed as your medicine? And how has it helped you?
  2. I get baked so i don't think so much about how this world is so fucked up and there's nothing i can do but get a 9-5.
  3. I smoke because I suffer from chronic boredom.
  4. i started smoking 10 years just because there was nothing else to do where i grew up but i got a slipped disc in my back 4 years ago & smoking hepls ease the pain so i smoke number 1 cos i like it & number 2 cos it stops me being in agony
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    I have scoliosis and my spine rubs against my shoulder blade and I have back pain all day and my doc said the pain is from inflammation, and smoking really helps with reducing the pain and inflammation.

    I also really enjoy smoking by myself and with friends. So all in all cannabis is a great little plant.
  6. I would say both but thats just me. I would say morning because it casuses you to face the anxiety, thus relieving any stress.
  7. Chronic Backpain, Stress, Heachaches, to get away from all the bullshit. :smoking:
  8. I smoke to get high, only if cops ask it will become medicine
  9. #1 Daily use prevents my migraines that I have from a childhood head trauma. (another child tried to murder me with a hammer when I was 3)

    I have mild arthritis. (I am 65, so that's to be expected :cool: )

    My mom was bipolar- I am just "moody". Cannabis keep the highs from getting too high, and mellows out the lows.

    My mom was also a pill-popping alcoholic and suicided at age 59. :( I do drink, but not like her, I can stop at one drink, and I feel good about my life! :yay:

    And logically, I could get pharmaceuticals to deal with the migraines, arthritis and mood swings. I could risk death, liver failure, and cancer from their "rare but sometimes fatal side effects"! :eek: (And then there is paying for visiting the doctor on top of the cost of the pills. :cool: )

    OR I can grow and use this pretty little plant that has never killed by overdose and its "serious side effects" are "feeling a bit too good", hunger and thirst, red eyes, and sometimes the giggles, or drowsiness! :smoke:

    And I like it!

    Granny :wave:
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    I have social anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder, and severe depression. To fucking bad I live in Texas and can't get a medical card. That is why I am soon to be on my way to UC Berkeley.
  11. most of the time i suffer from not being high. weed usually clears that right up
  12. I got hit in the face/head with a golf club twice when I was younger. Long story short, I shattered my cheekbone, got a plate put in, and got addicted to oxycontin because of it. On top of that, to this day I still get chronic migraines because of the trauma to my head. It eliminates them and also was the aid that helped me get off pain medication. If it wasn't for me smoking I would still probably be hooked on pain killers to this day.
  13. i use weed to cure hangovers
  14. 1. To be able to eat properly
    2. To help with chronic insomnia
    3. To help quell extreme social anxiety disorder
  15. just to get the buzz and chill. however it lowers my blood pressure immediately and because its indica, a good sleeping pill 1 hour before sack time
  16. Depression, social anxiety and stress
  17. I ingest cannabis for most of the following reasons listed above and also for a gi condition i have related to my diabetes. Without smoking I am no longer able to eat or drink enough to survive and the alternative would be tube feedings and i.v. fluids when dehydrated. I also find that as my health declines I more and more am becoming depressed and over stressed which mmj seems to alleviate better than any pharmaceutical ive tried. To put in perspective i tried to stop for 6 months at my doctors request since it isnt legal for medical use where im located yet and at the end of that time I had dropped 65 pounds and had to be hospitalized for severe dehydration 4 times. After seeing me without cannabis to stimulate appetite and decrease my nausea my doctor quickly said although he could not recomend cannabis it certainly seemed very beneficial for me.
  18. I do it cause it feels good biaaatch :D

  19. Moderately, and it has been a short-term cure for my anxiety. Nothing long term though... Perhaps with time.

  20. Tell it how it is, Granny! :metal:

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