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    I know you shouldn't have two plants in a pot, but how do they look? Their about two weeks old, give or take a couple days. Do you think having two plants is gonna kill them both? Or just one? Or do you think I can get them both flowering with little yeild? Btw their auto flowering so
  2. I'm no expert, but they're looking pretty good. Why have two plants in one pot though?
  3. I musta had one fall or something, the outta one popped up first so I can figured something like that happened, the the middle one which was the one I knew I planted popped up a day afterwards. The outter one seems to be growing like crazy. Their auto seeds berry ryder
  4. Nothing else?
  5. looks good but really should give them there own pots
  6. I have heard people here describe separating the roots and replanting them

    I have also heard people here say if you don't separate them the roots will grow together

    Maybe someone here with more knowledge than me will explain how to do it

    So in other words, I am your good fairy "bumper" :D:D:D
  7. I would get them into their own pots . Take out the whole clump be very careful and separate them. Try not to damage or rip any roots just slowly untangle the mess. Put them
    In their own pots and water generously growth will probably slow for a few days but you will be happier with the harvest if you separate them now
  8. Carefully

    Turn the pot over and gently remove plants and soil, CAREFULLY separate the two roots. Sometimes easier under lightly running water.

    Then replant

    I would recomend doing this ASAP before the roots become overly intertwined
  9. The thing is, I don't have any extra soil this at this time. I'm not too worried about the harvest, even if I get a few grams per plant I'll be happy. I really don't wanna take the chance of ruining em or anything to that extent.
  10. If that's the case, let them rock on! But be sure to train them away from each other a bit.

    The more light you have reaching the bottom the better your crop will be

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