How is there not a conspiracy theory thread on a stoner website

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by keyser_soze, Oct 24, 2014.

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  1. Am I missing something?
    I'm bored so I'll start.
    Ok, how many people are there in the world making a living off cancer research? Millions? Doctors scientists research groups. How many grant programs in effect that are huge parts of peoples lives. How many facilities are there for research and treatment accross the globe. What would happen if they cured cancer tomorrow. It would be catastrophic

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  2. There have been so many, but they are the type to claim reptiles rule the world. We all know are leaders have no back bones!
  3. I have tried several times, one of 2 things happen, A. MODs decide its BS and block or delete the thred just because they dont agree with the subject matter (a clever way of censoring free speech) or B. you get a bunch of nay sayers siting rumors, yellow journalism and out rite blatant lies to try and discredit the material , most of wich haven't even researched the so called. "Conspiracy"
  4. We have a sub section called Pandora's Box just for topics like this. It's at the bottom of the Chill Out Zone page :wave:
  6. Aint nobody in that forum, you'll be lucky to get 2 replies within a month
    maybe because we're better than that non sense
    Uh yeah I'm calling BS on you.  First of all, mods don't ever close threads just because they don't agree with the subject matter.  If it's in the wrong place, (i.e. anywhere outside of Pandora's Box) or the subject has been done already, THEN THEY MAY close a thread or delete it, but they DO NOT do it to CENSOR your FREE SPEECH.  That said, you don't have 100% free speech here anyway, there are rules you have to agree to.
    Conspiracy threads belong in Pandora's Box, where they have been for quite a while.  THe problem is that most of the threads are worthless anyway, and yes, you do get a bunch of naysayers because they're bogus in the first place.  BUT your assessment that the mods close them on a whim is dead wrong.
  9. Here is a good one:
  10. Lol see what i mean! Bunch of excuses and conjecture
  11. Um...not conjecture.  I was on staff remember?  
    Hey Will when gig you retire?
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    There are a good number of responses there already today.
    If you intentionally make threads in forums that they shouldn't be, you will be warned, and then points assessed. Posting off topic threads (from the forum) just because of visitations rates, is rather trollish in nature. :smoke:
    Ahh, I see why you're complaining, you tried to do another troll thread advocating beating kids and a mod closed it, as they should have.
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    Oh please! That was obviously satire and a joke, i asked why people make up such ridiculous excuses for not disciplining there kids then gave a bunch of ridiculous reasons for using corporal punishment. Whoever deleted it obviously dosnt agree with the spanking of children so they quickly got rid of it, biased censorship. And for the record how the hell can anything be considered "off topic" in the "general" section?
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    If it was satire, post similar threads in the humor section. :smoke:
    Edited for your edit:
    \tGeneralThis forum is for general conversations not related to the other forums. Can't find a place to post? This is it.
  16. I posted a pretty comprehensive rebuke to the "government hiding cancer cure" idea in another thread. Nobody's actually responded to that post yet, so why make another thread lol?
  17. It's funny that no one actually had anything to say but a bunch of bickering. When did this turn into Facebook. Maybe you guys are taking this website a lil too seriously. Posting in the wrong section? It's general. If that's the case get a life man. It's supposed to be fun.

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  18. Every time someone goes off on silly rules like that, they always (in my head) have the voice of the comic store owner from the Simpsons

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    There is a reason for a variety of forums being broken into specialty sections. The part I posted above is the descriptor for what goes into General. As moderators we get a chit ton of "does not belong here" reports. Then we have to move them to the proper forum. It is a whole lot less work if members at least attempt to post where appropriate.
    Think about it. :smoke:
  20. It's all one big conspiracy to delete all of the conspiracy threads man!
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