how is the weed star double bubbler?

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  1. I used to have this piece and loved it until it broke. Because of how awkwardly the bubbler stands, it is very proned to tip over. and if it tips over it is a goner because weedstar glass just isnt quality glass IMHO. its a well designed piece, its just too bad weedstar makes it...
  2. I assumed as much about the tipping and breaking but it still looks pretty sweet. for $50 ...........definitely in my order :D
  3. ordered one today too. just be careful with it, it is GLASS after all.
  4. I own one, its really nice, it could probably survive tipping over on the floor, the downstem is what you have to be really careful with
  5. iwant one of those so bad im ordereing one tomorow i really hope there is still some left
  6. if there isnt one left you can come match in mine golgi! :smoke:
  7. check this out dude, its like 46 with the discount, you can youtube it to see how it works
    i was going to buy this but i decided to spring for an inline, i think this would be the best bang for your buck
    Jet-Flash Smoke System - English -

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