How is the US handling foreign policy in the wake of the Arab uprisings?

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  1. Hey guys, it looks like Obama has been doing a few things which I think is key: he just told Yemen that they must follow through on the reforms (thanks to mass riots), and as of earlier is officially calling on Mubarak to resign.

    I personally am thrilled with the US's behavior. Betraying "long time" allies will make the US a couple more enemies, but Obama is taking a very Machiavellian attitude here, understanding that brutal autocarcy always falls at the will of the people.

    If anyone disapproves, an interesting question: Would the GOP have done it differently? Their foreign policy was world's apart, it's interesting to think about it.

    here's an article for background info
  2. Self determination. We shouldn't be involved at all.
  3. i completely agree, but its sorta expected of the US to respond, given that we give Egypt some $2B a year. And the media thrives on it... but i agree, fundamentally, we have no part in their business :smoking:
  4. As for his foreign policy concerning the Arab uprising I am moderately satisfied with the way he is handling it. But I mean really the guy had a cheat cheat he most likely just took the advice of his advisors. Obama is a puppet and he is doing something I and other conservatives would want done but that's because he's really comitted to pulling a Clinton. He wants to get reelected and you can tell. This guy dramatically moved to the right, considering when he was a senator his record was about 93% liberal and only 24% conservative votes. Unfortunatley I will most likely have to look at Obama until 2016
  5. It's probably between that or sarah palin :ey:
  6. LOL no, no it is not.
  7. I would rather make Sarah Palin a dictator for life than have 8 years of Obama. Anything better than seeing that smug look on the news all the damn time.

    *for all you literalists out there, no I would not actually prefer a dictator over Obama*
  8. It might be 'betraying' allies now but if it succeeds then we should gain it back... as long as we don't send military over there then i'll be happy. I'm pretty sure Obama wont.
  9. US Foreign Policy architects are shaking in their boots. They're losing a bunch of investments! No, not the client states!

    Frankly, I think Israel is scared shitless. Anyone confirm?
  10. We should demand that Egypt give us all our money back, since our guy isn't in charge anymore.. Also we want our military shit...
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Kind of off topic but the other night on the news I saw Oliver North(war criminal) saying we should not allow Egypt to hold elections because they would elect Islamic leaders. Then he went on to say how we must preserve democracy. WTF is that crap?

    And yes Israel is scared shitless of things to come.
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  14. you think the GOP will produce someone else to take the reigns?
  15. what, I'm too stupid in your eyes for a real response? yes I'm serious. if you're trying to contest something I said, use your words. :smoke:

  16. You said the GOP and Democrat's foreign policy are "worlds apart", when they are in fact identical.

    Before you respond with campaign slogans or whatever, we're talking about policy here not rhetoric.

  17. hey, when have I ever responded with campaign slogans? :p

    i see your point that they are similar, but I wouldn't go as far as to say they are "identical". It's true for the way afghanistan is being handled, for example, but foreign policy has a very diverse pool of issues, and it is just incorrect to say the GOP would have acted exactly the same as Obama regarding issues like revolutions in allied countries, etc. For example, I have a hunch that the GOP would have leaned closer to Mubarak. Obama, on the other hand, has been calling for him to resign. Obviously I'm speculating about the GOP, but to claim that their FP is identical in every way, isn't true.
  18. And Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Yemen, Pakistan, Japan... :confused:

    I honestly can't think of an Obama policy that differs from Bush's.

    A hunch based on what...?

    I posted this article a few posts ago: The Neocons Split with Israel Over Egypt - Jeffrey Goldberg - International - The Atlantic

    Obama or the GOP Neocons would both be promoting "democracy" over there by sending in the CIA and ensuring the elections go in their favor.

    They both support preventive war, the war on terra, drone strikes on sovereign countries, foreign detention centers that conduct torture... how are they different?
  19. Iran? I thought the GOP was pushing for war with Iran... Obama ain't gon' do that.

    I see the GOP sending the CIA in to influence egyptian elections, but I doubt Obama would do that. From the looks of things he is trying to stay on the people's side.

    I dunno about preventative war... I haven't seen Obama launch any preventative wars - have you? :confused:

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