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how is the marijuana in vancouver ,Canada?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lilphilog, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. i'm planning on moving to vancouver,Canada i live in washington,D.C , i wanna know how is the marijuana in vancouver ,Canada? is better then california's ?

    how easy is it to get a medical marijuana card in vancouver? is it easy as in california?

    can a person with an anxiety disorder and depression get medical marijuana in canada? and also how easy is it to find some tree to buy out there?
  2. i live near Vancouver, i heard their bud is great tho. BC's known for their famous bud
  3. I find that most (everyone I know at least) won't know any strains...very rarely will they..

    pretty much only "BC bud" or "kush" or something...usually it is just a really nice indica.

    not much variety, but it still packs a huge punch and the prices make up for it so much :):smoke:

    oh and to your anxiety/depression question : no. You will not have a chance in hell here...but why need that when you can get nice bud here for less anyways?
  4. So dank yo, so dank. Just about anyone can hook you up or give you some digits, and it's always good shit. Straight up askin' peeps on the street works; I mean shit, you can walk thru some of the parks or beaches and probably get some free drags. Not to mention 10 bucks a g is gonna keep you feelin' good everyday.

    You can't go wrong man. Happy blazing.
  5. Getting a federal exemption is difficult, but you can get a dispensary card fairly easy. Start at, that's the best place to go through.

  6. Very easy to obtain medical card/expemtion should not be a problem and the best part is you pay 1/2 of what you pay in america.
  7. Buds primo. Can't compare personally to Cali but damned if they aren't close, positive note is I pay 5 bucks a gram. As far as our medical system...well don't bother. Mostly for aids and crippling ailments. Medical bud sucks to unless you grow it. Most people with there card that I know buy off the street. Look up urban grower on YouTube he has a video where he shows mail order medical weed from Canada.
  8. ITS FUCKING NUTS! i went to the states a while back and no offense but the bud was shit compared to the stuff in B.C... i dont think ive ever gotten shitty bud here :D

  9. It's worth noting that there are two different kinds of "medical" bud setups here.

    There are the dispensaries, which don't require a federal exemption, just a confirmation of diagnosis for many conditions. These exist in a legal grey area with the dispensaries operating as a not-for-profit business and buying their product from legit growers who put out quality product. Most cops are cool with these dispensaries because people who buy from them aren't supporting gang activity in any way - a lot of our street weed here is grown by people with gang affiliations.

    Then there's the federal program. The federal program requires you to either grow your own, register as a patient with an existing registered grower, or purchase direct from the government-contracted growers. The government contracted people sell garbage, it's the worst weed I've ever had the displeasure of seeing and it makes me sick that they try to foist that on terminally ill patients.

    The weed I get from the dispensary (which is where most of Van's MJ-using AIDS patients go, since it's less than a block from St. Paul's) is some of the stickiest, most potent, best tasting and smelling stuff I've ever seen, and compares favorably to cali bud at half the price. Where I go it ranges from $6 - $11 / g, and they also sell hash, oils, edibles, tinctures, pills, and various other medical goodies. You can find their daily menu at - fastest way to membership if your family doctor isn't cool with signing the forms is to get an appointment with the doctor of traditional chinese medicine who works out of the offices at and then bring your confirmation of diagnosis with a passport style photo to the Thurlow dispensary.

    If you're a vancouverite with a legit reason to get MMJ (and many people are if you look at the list of ailments) I strongly suggest checking those 2 sites out, you'll be able to get quality bud for a decent price without supporting gang activity and you'll have a wider selection than you'll ever get from a street dealer.

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