how is the arizer solo's smell?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by acaciacomplex, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. I live at home and have never had a vaporizer, but I can't let my parents know I smoke. So I am wondering how the solo is at concealing the odor.
  2. you +18 bro?

    look around, youll find answers..

    its no. it doesnt smell at all. smells like something vaguely. but not like burning weed.
  3. I disagree

    If you're using the Solo indoors, it will reek, and I myself can tell its bud, I'm sure others can too

    If you're using it outdoors, then you won't smell at all when you come back in

    The MFLB produces less smell, but doesn't provide vapor no where close to the Solo
  4. Yah, im 18. Not able to move out yet
  5. I live in the basement so I have a patio as well. I could walk out their to smoke it. If I did then how long would the smell linger it would it even be noticeable? Though I would much rather smoke inside and just open the sliding door up and turn on a fan. Would that work?
  6. Ill agree with this, at higher temps.

    If I'm stealth vaping in public or somewhere risky, it's usually at 3 or 4. If she's cranked to 5-6 I notice it a lot more.
  7. What setting provides the best hit?
  8. Best is subjective, does best mean best taste? or biggest clouds?

    I think 5 is the middle ground. 3 and 4 for flavor/taste, 6 and 7 for the bong/bubb or to squeeze out those last 2-3 hits.

    Greentrails is right that 3 or 4 is a bit more stealthy, but it'll still smell for about 25-30 minutes.

    Theres too many variables to see if the smell would linger. Think about it this way, are you able to get caught? If the answer is no, go outside, its that simple
  9. Well, by best I mean it will get me high the fastest/ the highest
  10. 5 or 6 then, either will smell though, especially the big ass clouds teh Solo produces

    Maybe with a sploof and some incents, it MIGHT work, but its too hard to really tell as it depends alot on the room and ventilation
  11. How Is the solo compared to the magic flight if you know? Those are the main 2 im considering buying
  12. No comparison man, I've had both

    I'd give the MFLB a 5/10, a Solo a 7/10, and something like a desktop Da Buddha a 8/10
  13. Yah, that's what I've gotten from most people. I think im going to go with the solo. Do you know where I could buy it for around 150$ that is reputable. I found a site called aroma-tek but I don't know if they're ripping me off
  14., $160 shipped with 4 piece grinder

    They cover the warranty and everything if something goes wrong, which is much better than going through Arizer in Canada

    Are you in the U.S., Canada, or somewhere else?
  15. Im in the U.S.
    Cool, thanks. I'll go their and buy it. plus I need a new grinder
  16. Yea thats the best spot then

    To be sure, go on their site and find their chat function, make sure they have it in stock before you order

    They're in CA so it usually takes 2-3 days to get to me here in IL, but with the holidays who knows

    BTW, you owe me some + rep, haha

    Enjoy the piece man, I've had mine since April, use it 4-6 times a day, sometimes more

  17. You must have it on charge every shot between sessions :)
  18. Nope, charge it once at night

    I'll easily get 8-9 sessions in one charge on my M1A model, gotten as high as 12 12-minute sessions, but thats running way too low
  19. Dude if you have a door just open it a bit and blow the clouds in that direction. What i have noticed about vapor is it doesnt stick to things like smoke would.

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