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  1. This is my fist grow and she is 4 weeks into flowering, just some seed I got in a bag. Planted in mg... using cfls 9 in all 1 150 6500k, 4 13w 2700k, 1 26w 2700k and 2 65w 6500k. Nutes are Jacks Classics Blossom Booster 10-30-20. Started seeing reddish brown spots on a bunch of leaves and some of the tips were brown. After some research on here I diagnosed it to be a calcium deficiency. I went and bought garden lime, added to the soil. Since then, a bunch of fan leaves turned brown and shriveled. I plucked them off ... about 12-18 of em. Newer growth looking ok. Flower growth seems to have been slightly stunted to deficiency, but I have been noticing growth improvement :D

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  2. Here's my two cent. I would never CFL's to grow under unless they are used to grow seedlings . MH and HPS are the way to go. They produce the most bud for your buck. I tried the CFL and my plant died. It's like baking. If your off then the the plant won't grow.
  3. I tried a few different cfls, I found the 23 and 26 watt cfls to be the best of the bunch for cfls. It is true, MH and HPS are better, but you can still get a decent harvest using cfls.
  4. I was trying to keep it cheap for my first couple of grows, and constantly upgrade all aspects of the cabinet.Using a HPS, from what I understand, requires cabinets to be ventilated.Which would cost more. While the yield would definitely be greater, so would the smell, and then the cost goes up again to build a carbon filter. All upgrades I plan on making, but I have budgeted only so much per month. Next project is a clone machine. I plan on following a DIY thread on here.

  5. I spent right around $150 on this grow, and from the looks of her rapidly improving health, I am guestimating about an ounce

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