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  1. 22 days old under good olé socal sun. Using ffof and giving her either RO water or my tap water. Having trouble with nutes seeing as she'll have a bunch of runoff with a gallon of water, so I just started her with a half gallon of water with 1/8 tsp of grow big(there was still at least 30% runoff) so what should I do? Isn't that too much runoff also, Should I give her 1/8 more next feeding?? Or keep it at 1/8 for one more time? Give me some opinions guys, thanks!


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  2. Really looking healthy. I suggest keeping it with the minimal because you don't want to over fert. Give it another feeding or so then a little more, and so on. But never put just direct chemicals into the soil or on the plant. Will cause burning, and death. 
  3. she has some side branching coming in and I didn't even top her? Here's some pics. Notice how the new growth is lighter green... Normal??

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