How is she doing?

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  1. any help/precaution would be very appreciated,
    at first i thought the discolouration was light burn so i brought the LED’s up by 5 inches
    one day with the height and the leaves now have a purple fade to it

  2. do you check ppms and ph? is this your first grow?
  3. my first grow (experiment) was in a suitcase this is my second grow, pH is 6.4-6.5 and no nutrients were added only those from the potting soil which were very little
  4. they look alright
  5. What strain is it?
  6. yes the room is a bit chilly these days :(

    its a bag seed i found, was pretty decent bud and dropped a lot of keif when i grinded. felt like a hybrid and the growth+leaves seem to tell that its more towards the indica side but i cant be sure
  7. With all the breeding over the years, growth, leaf size/shape/structure means nothing. Could easily have a strong indica that stretches to the stars like a sativa and vise versa.
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  8. so i wanted to give a little update;
    the new growth looks decent, new tiny branches all around.
    i did some LST and she seemed to handle it well

    the leaves on the bottom two nodes have gotten worse, idk what to think of it cause i haven’t seen anything that looks like it

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