how is my space best utilized

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  1. I have an area approx. 9 x 5 x 8 tall. I'm running two air cooled 430 hps and a 250 hps (not air cooled). I'm currently trying 2 2x2 scrog in pro mix, 2 fim'd in pro mix and3 in an 18 gal bubble bucket. I figured i'd just try them all and see what works the best. I expecting some new genetics soon and i don't want to mess them up. Lemme know.
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    Not sure what you're asking, but I applaud your willingness to try multiple methods. What are you going to do if they are all successful? I am currently finishing up my first scrog and I think that it is an extremely efficient utilization of my 4 X 5 grow room.

    Good Luck!!
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    that's another can of worms i haven't even thought of. i have a feeling that the scrog might not be the best option because i think i want to be able to run a sog set up. just recently i acquired 10 new flavors and wanted to be able to rotate my harvests so that i'm harvesting a different strain every month or so. there are just so many great techniques thats it's hard narrow it down.
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    Sorry about the font in my previous post... it is almost illegable!

    Yes.. all of the techniques and methods can be overwhelming... You just need to pick a way and do it for a couple of grows. If you don't like it - try something else.

    I agree, if your planning on rotating different plants in and out of your flowering room, a SCROG would be difficult. The plants get fairly tangled in the screen. I don't think that I could remove just one plant from the screen without disturbing the others. I have three different varities in my screen and had to make sure that they all finish the same amount of time.

    Good Luck!!
  5. The strains i'm gonna be starting out is strawberry diesel, sour cream, chocolope and la woman. they all have fairly long flowering times... anywhere from 8-12 weeks. i also have some og kush, pineapple express, la confidential, blue widow (which is supposed to be a good candidate for scrog), double bubbleberry and power kush that have significantly shorter flowering times and need to figure out how to incorporate those in to the mix. i've never had anything with such staggered flowering times.
  6. I saw a video of a grower who had an ebb & flow table that would place plants in buckets in it. He had all different sizes of plants (in flower) and would just pull mature plants out and put new ones in. He had a bunch of lights so he could stagger the plants and lights, height wise - little ones on the left and moving them to the right as they got bigger. It was an impressive grow setup.

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