How is my drying setup looking?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Spicyricey, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. hey everyone, I just harvested my first cannabis plant. I’ve done a lot of reading online about how to dry and cure cannabis but I’m a little unsure about my setup. I’m currently hanging my buds in my grow tent I used to grow it in. The grow tent is in my garage so it’s not exactly in a great place for controlling temps/humidity. I’m just hoping to get some feedback on wether or not to expect Mold or have a quick dry.
    I’m using a 6 inch 440 cfm in-line fan to draw air out of the tent. (set to the lowest setting)it is a (36x36x63) grow tent . I’m sitting at around 65% humidity and 70 F but the temp will rise during the day to around 75-80 at max without the light being on anymore. I’m expecting the humidity to lower now that I don’t have a pot full of wet coco in the tent aswell. I will probably be opening my garage door once or twice a day to make the area less humid, except of course, if it starts to rain. The thing that worries me most is the fact that the in-line fan is somewhat close to a couple buds and if you put your hand close to the fan you can feel the air being sucked in.

    Is my inline fan too strong for the buds?/will they dry too quickly?

    Would I be better off having a osillating fan blow air at the bottom of the tent,like the one in my photo?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Nice work, man. Everything looks good. I'd like to upload the full pictures when i post.
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  3. Thanks man, what do you mean? Is there something wrong with the pictures I posted?
  4. It looks fine man just keep the buds in dark as much as you can do not expose them to light or sunlight at all..otherwise it's fine !
  5. for a first grow..your crop looks good
  6. I'd smoke it fo sho.
  7. Thanks guys, I’m pretty happy how they turned out :) was using a 600w viparspectra it did wonders. Glad to know I have a good environment for drying. Will take this into consideration for my next grow.
  8. Congratulations! You're almost there!

    You have a very unique extractor set-up.
    Are you pulling the outside air into your tent through that scrubber?


    Is the extractor pulling the air out of the tent and pushing it through the scrubber (which of course would be pointless)

    Not trying to be a dick, I'm just curious!

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  9. So I’m done with my crop now, cured and everything. :) but I had my fan pulling out the air from the top of the tent and pushing it through the carbon filter. I read online and saw this was an option if you don’t have a window to push the air out of. Also I was trying to save some room in the tent because I was originally planning on growing 4 instead of one. I do agree the other way around (having the filter in the tent) is More practical, but I didn’t really know this way was strange. Does this way affect the airflow or something? My main goal was odor control because I was growing in a closed garage with no windows or anything and it worked fairly well I didn’t smell anything unless I opened the tent.
  10. As long as it works, you're good to go!

    One of my tents is a micro tent that I used to use for vegging but now use it for drying. I also came up with a solution for lack of space but I put the extractor outside and the filter inside.

    That said, "normally," for a scrubber to work correctly, the air is pulled through the outside of the scrubber, through the pre-filter, then through the carbon granulate inside

    But the main thing is that it works for you.

    (If it's not broke, don't fix it)

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  11. Thanks for the input I appreciate it, I’ll definately think about putting the filter inside my my tent next time around.

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