how is my baby doing?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by STONERLOVE420, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. IS the soil too dry? it feels kinda damp but it wont stick together at all .
    using foxy farm happy frog, so far so good.
    doing a mini outdoor grow since it wont get cold for another month(when im able to buy a greenhouse )
    using buddah grow fertilizer,not yet  but im planning on starting when it reaches to two sets like the guy at the hydro store said to do.
    i plan on adding some lighting if i can afford it, if not im happy with a lower yield i honestly will be happy if i just get a plant to flower i never gotten one past the seedling stage haha .

  2. the stem is bending i believe because the sun is changing directions at different times. IM guessing its partly stressed but it should make it through , i've grown through winter without a problem, they don't grow fast and wont at seedling stage but they live.
  3. just so you guys and gals know , foxy farm is one of the best mixes i ever had . Some hydro places sell it for around $15 a bag.   This is very cheap , if you really cant tho you can find it in some places for very cheap around 45$ shipped.
  4. *fox farms

    I love fox farms products.

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