How is life with HIV/Full blown AIDS

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  1. How does it affect your life sexually? I can imagine things going in a totally different direction when you tell the girl/guy you have aids.

    Even with a condom I imagine it will deeply affect your sexual life.

    I don't have aids, but I am getting tested soon because of some symptoms that are scaring the shit out of me
  2. I gave blood one time and got a letter saying that my blood had been positive for HIV antibodies (immune system's response to detecting HIV). Went and got blood tested, thankfully I didn't have it. I wouldn't have even understood where it came from as I had been a virgin and have never/will never use any kind of intravenous drug.

    Scared the EVER-LIVING SHIT out of me though. Good luck man.

  3. I don't have HIV/AIDS...but most patients who I
    knew did not have a sex life after being diagnosed.
    Their interests ventured more into...fetishes, like
    being dominated and so on....but they never had
    another... how do I say this...sexual penetration
    experience with another person.

    I also remember a guy who came to health class
    once and basically said (after he led a gay lifestyle
    in college when he was confused about his sexuality,
    which is how he got it...) when he met his wife...
    they had no sex, never have, never will.

    They did end up having a child, but it was through
    some kinda of doctor, turkey baster thing I guess.

    Personally if I was diagnosed, sex would be a thing
    of the past. I mean and when it crosses over into
    full blown AIDS, the only thing you care about are
    the people you love and making the best of the
    days you have left, hoping you can make it out
    of bed...or out of hospice for a couple hours if
    they let you, if you're physically able.

    Seeing people that way, and losing them so slowly,
    but surely...was crushing.

    Then again there are the assholes out there who
    don't tell their partners and infect more people
    for their own personal pleasure. Disgusting.

    GL OP.
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    That's why I don't get why people carelessly have sex, I treat chances of pregnancy like a life threatening situation, same thing with aids/etc. I personally wouldn't touch anybody these days unless they had papers lol but even then I'm so financial and intellectually focused that I just don't care for it like many people do, I'm just a very cautious person though. But I imagine it would be really different after being diagnosed with it, I don't know anybody who has it but I mean if your a good person then that's the end of that, no more sex. But in reality there's people who still do anyway so that's why everybody has to be cautious.
  6. I approve of this message.
  7. Yeah, I imagine it would be quite sobering. One reason to be sure you screw a person that you can trust and have deep faith in. I wish I learned this lesson when I banged my balls off my freshman and sophomore year in college. I didn't catch anything surprisingly, but I'd also be surprised if there were girls in my university that had HIV (you never know).
  8. HIV can be controlled, and a full life can be lived. But it is one faced with a rigorous schedule of drugs. You undergo highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), which is at least 3 different types of drugs... all of which tend to have fairly serious side effects. They explain the typical 'gaunt' appearance of HIV victims. Also, the need to take the medication on a set schedule is crucial to maintain their effectiveness... which is more of a difficulty than you might think, when the rest of your life is spent on a strict regimen of body-ruining medication.

    Long story short, life is not good with HIV, even when it's being treated well. Left untreated, and you end up in the situation Dancing Vinodini described, hospice bed and a lot of farewells.

    I've heard of many relationships that share HIV. It's quite disturbing, but the number of times I've heard it, I have come to believe it does happen. I guess some people prefer to live their life with lovers in the true sense, and die together.

    The best thing to do is to take every precaution....
  9. I thought about this for a long time a couple months ago when I first started becoming really sexually active (no girlfriend, just random girls)
    And I told myself if I ever got a non curable std that affects yourself in a negative way, that I'd never have sex again, just because I don't want to spread it and make another non knowingly person deal with what I have to. I think it should be the same way for everyone unless the other person doesn't care. That's just my two cents though.
  10. From what I've heard, HIV is pretty manageable, and even an HIV positive female is able to give birth to a perfectly normal HIV negative child, as long as they maintain their medical care, and take their medication at the right times.
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  12. i'd like to say that i have quite a few friends who are HIV positive, they lead very sexually fullfilling lives, most have negative partners and have had for years. its not the death knell that it was MANY years ago. That being said, you still need to play safe (or be responsible about your actions). cheers
  13. Yeah....why someone would willingly would want to contract the disease is beyond me...:confused::confused::confused:
    Personally I believe those who know they're infected and intentionally infect unwitting/unknowing partners should be executed, but that's just me
  14. You are in my thoughts OP, be well homey

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