How is it too late

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  1. I want to start in outdoor Grow.But Ive been told it's to late,By the wayy I stay in Florida..why is it Too Late? I'm a Noob at this
  2. You can plant at anytime!

    The too late they are talking about is your harvest.

    It wont be optimal most likely itll be smaller than it could be (light cycles) and depending on the sun down there it may not flower fully due to winter coming up (I know its still warm there, but you need the light too I am not sure how that is in Florida)

    So basically your plant wont have a long enough daytime for a long enough period and once it switches into flowering the day light times are too short to have an awesome yielding plant.

    You can plant whenever you want though.
  3. Well can I just Do an lst grow outdoor then switch to indoor to continue??
  4. I dont see why not?

    Orlando, Florida - Sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk times for the whole year - Gaisma

    Daylight in Orlando Florida.

    You can probably veg it outside, it says this month is about 15 hours of daylight per day. Thats just shy of an 18/6 light cycle indoors for vegative growth. Youd have maybe a month to a month and a half to veg it outside before it would try to flower (not enough time for a full flowering cycle so thats probably when youd want to bring it back indoors.

    Soo long story short, I would say yea go for it. Leave them outside for a month and a half at most then flower indoors.

    (If you planted and left out fully now they would be ready to flower around end of september (about 12 hours of light per day) but in november when it would be flowering and getting near complete you would only have about 11 hours of daylight which is not enough to have the plant flower fully and give you a nice yield.
  5. Thnks alot bro so Glad I joined this forum or whatever u cll it..But I'ma go for it keep in touch I'll let yah know how it pics up of my grow sooner or later
  6. I just tossed some clones outside and I'm where it does not break 80 during the day or 50 at night.. though will change soon, but still can get away with w most of august/sept before we start to get cold.

    Figure i can just bring her inside and finish flowering.
  7. The reason people say it's too late to grow outdoors is because your plants may not have long enough to finish flowering before the rainy season comes. When does it normally start raining there? If you plant from seed they have to grow up for at least a month before they start budding, and then they take 2 months or more too bud. If you have 3-4 months before you expect rain then I see no reason you can't plant now. But you won't get a big yield starting so late in the season, and mold can be a big problem growing in FL because of the humidity. If you can, look for a mold resistant, fast flowering strain. Or grow from clone because they can start flowering earlier than a seed plant. It wouldn't be too late to grow from clone.
  8. What she? said.

    The only reason I mentioned I'm sticking plants outside is all mine are clones and about 10 inches already, so i expect them to start flowering soon (we have 15 hours of light here right now)
  9. Yeah I'm starting from seeds..havnt poped out the ground yet but sooner or later..they were Germinated seeds..but I'll jus grow from Agust to September maybe November then finish the grow inside in a Pc Grow..well its been raining but not as much as Last year.
  10. um just a fyi, outdoors this time of year.. they will grow fast, very fast and will outgrow a pc within a few weeks easy.
  11. That's why I'ma lst outdoor keep em bout the size of the pc

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