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  1. I upgraded my light from a cfl to hps and these photos where taken 4 days apart

    Day 1 was when i took the cfl away and my female then had a full 4 days under the hps and well how can 4 days make such a difference

    Here is the skimpy little pathetic flowers are the top

    This is 4 days after


    i have been feeding my female on rabbits poo ferts and every one of my plants seems to like it. i dont believe in putting anything other then organic stuff in her.

    One question i do have is regarding the temperature

    the room temperature stays around the 25c mark that is with fans sucking out the hot air and blowing in cooler air.

    is that about the right temperature or is it to hot?
  2. Plants love HPS. I dunno how to convert 25c to fahrenheit, but mid 70's F is ideal.
  3. I love hps to. I think its 77f if thats about right then that is cool.
  4. Man you should keep posting pics till you harvest that thing. Everyone loves to see fresh new dank.

    My grow is about 77 degrees right now. They're loving it.
  5. I will keep posting pics. Shall i post them here or put up a grow journal?
  6. Either one is good w/ me!! I need bud-porn!!!
  7. Me to. I will keep it updated i love buds even being the room with her puts a smile on my face when the smell hits :D

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