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How is it effected near you?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HempSkin, Sep 24, 2001.

  1. so I am sitting here puffing on that nasty shit I told you kids about, and I an trying to get ahold of a kid to hook me. well I am kind of a moron and a little retarded sometimes expesaly when I am sober.(20 year habbit will do that to you). And I thought wow is it hard to get KGB. whats the deal. Well I do Belive that it is to do with 9-11-01 and I figger that things arn't going to move well. So am I just stupid or is everyone seeing a tighting up in the amount of perchasable shit on the street (inthe USA)?

  2. Hi Hempskin ~
    It sucks too bad that you can't get hooked up with some KGB, but I'm here in California, and it seems that it's "Outdoor Season".... My BF is (legitimately) on Medical, so we have the luxury of hitting up the clubs and are slightly spoiled in that essence~ soo maybe that's why it seems to be unaffected... Prop 215 lives!!

    Otherwise, I take phone orders for a woodworking distributor and since Sept 11th we have seen a strong decline in orders - nobody's really thinking about remodeling their kitchen, or building that new house anymore.

    Good luck finding some weed, man, I have been there many times before! The only thing I can say is come to California~ :)


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