how is everyone

Discussion in 'General' started by aeroblurg, May 1, 2002.

  1. how has everyone been?
  2. /img
  3. Glad to see the aerobooger is back in the city!
  4. can u make ur own smilie things?
  5. Welcome back! Where ya been?

    Use the other slash / [​IMG]
  6. glad to have ya back! i'm just fine thank you, but what about you?? :)

  7. Question is....How the Hell have You been?....Well I'm sure..Glad to see your ink.......peace

  8. HIGH!! Nice Ta "see" ya again!! :wave: :smoking:
  9. Long time no see aeroblurg, I'm good thanks it good to see you have decided to come back lol thaught i was gonna have to look in the lost and found for you :)

  10. I'm pretty new to the site so I don't remember you, but welcome back anyways. I look forward to seeing you on the boards. :smoke:
  11. I'm this popular? lol Thanks for the welcome. what i miss while i was away?
  12. when i came u left shortly's cool to see u back, i always wanted to get a chance to rap wit ya

  13. [​IMG]

    "im a man in a box!"


  14. same here im new but welcome back
  15. High Aeroblurg[​IMG]...Welcome home!!!![​IMG][​IMG]

  16. Welcome home!!! You probly don't remember me but I remember you............and shamefully I didn't realize you hadn't been around. Please forgive me o' mighty one!!!! I've been to busy acting silly and getting into mischief (as my momma used to say) to notice your absence.

    We've all just been up to the same old poo-poo.........tokin' it up, spinnin long threads, and generally, in Critter terminology, running amuck!!!

    Did you do anything interesting while you were away?

    Hope all is well with you!!!
  17. Welcome Back, Aeroblurg!!!

    I just got back myself and this place is busy!!!!!!

    I'm getting high and reading shit right now to get caught up and I have been laughing my ass off. Man, I have missed you guys. No more disappearing into the abyss for me!
  18. been doing well

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