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How is drug-use regarding weed taught in California?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EmoSteve, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I was just watching the show Wilfred and I saw a DARE bumper sticker on a cop car. This led me to wonder how drug-use regarding weed is taught in California.
  2. How do you mean? If you're talking about in schools, law enforcement, or government, marijuana is only legal medicinally. If it has not been prescribed to you medicinally, it is as illegal as any other drug (legal penalties often less severe however).

    I'm a prescribed patient and plan on becoming a NORML attorney one day so I know a bit.

    Any more questions?
  3. I'm curious about this also oh and I fucking love wilfred haha
  4. I think he means, does organizations like D.A.R.E teach children in California schools that weed is bad and a gateway drug and the scourge of society. Even though it's the weed capital of America.
  5. I think that D.A.R.E executives are enforcing their anti-marijuana propaganda even more in California because of it's popularity their. D.A.R.E is the same everywhere.
  6. Yes, this is what I mean.
  7. Just like anywhere else in America is how its taught. Same old propaganda and bull shit.

  8. Its taught the same way. But I feel like there's more tolerance for it... and I also feel like the way people kind of expect teens to drink they kind of expect you to try smoking bud at least once too here. Unless they're like uber christians or have their head up their ass or something...
  9. DARE always made me want to smoke weed when I was a kid.
  10. Never had D.A.R.E at my school bitches!
  11. Ya I live in Cali and have since i was real young like and I had S.T.A.R and i dont remember learning that much on Weed.. more on Alcohol and Meth. And in High school i had a few teachers that were very open minded about it.
  12. In California, weed is tolerated by a good amount of people, but there are a large coalition of people that are also against it.
  13. Honestly, the police in California are probably embarrassed by the nation-wide consensus that it's the "weed state." I would think the police there are more strict than most other places in the country.

  14. never been to Cali but from what I've heard your statement seems very false, no offense at all. Even if the cops are somewhat strict there, I can guarantee you they are much stricter here in Connecticut, of all places.

    Connecticuts a strange state. It's extremely liberal, but it's extremely conservative too. The laws are very outdated and don't fit in with other ones. It's hard to say. You'd have to live here. For example, while marijuana is almost looked at in a liberal view politics wise, the police and the city workers have an incredibly conservative view on it. It's really weird.
  15. Naw.. Ive had several run in with the Police on an "Weed" related incident, and one with alcohol. Ive only had one ticket. It was for having a drunk person under 21 in my car. Cost me $400

  16. I wouldn't doubt that the penalties themselves are more strict, hell I live in Kansas of all places. But I would say that the police are more active to find and punish anyone associated with marijuana in those places.

    Just think of it from the police's perspective; if your job is to literally prevent "something" from happening and your jurisdiction is solely known as "the place to commit that something." You aren't going to just sit back and laugh about it, you're going to try harder than everyone else to prevent it. Nobody wants to be laughed at.
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    I was in the last class at my school to go through the D.A.R.E program when I was in 5th Grade. (They discontinued the program)

    I was in Wisconsin at the time, and from what I remember they actually talked very briefly about Marijuana and didn't preach about it much. They talked mostly about the negative effects of smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco. Also Alcohol was talked about quite a bit along with hard drugs. Cocaine, Meth, etc. Hell, even steroids were talked about lol.

    I seriously don't remember Marijuana even coming up lol.
  18. This thread made me curious so I went to their website and clicked marijuana. There only danger on the whole page was that it impaired short term memory while under the influence. The one thing I noticed that was false was that it said marijuana is a green or gray mixture of the leaves and flowers.. wtf
  19. Lol probably because how do you explain what weed looks like to kids. Back in the day, like elementary school, all I saw was the pot leaf so I thought u smoked that or something. First time I saw real bud I was like wtf:confused: :eek:

    Then I smoked it :smoke: Now when I see bud it's as beautiful as a flower.
  20. DARE is stupid, kid's want what they can't have.

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