How is anything possible?

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  1. For anybody that doesnt believe in god or a higher power, which i dont believe in anything, but the world is mind boggling how it got started, how small we real are, and how pointless it all is, and in everything that happened in science with evolution which must have happned in plants, how did marijuana come with THC and the cannbiniods? Also why is it the only plant like it, i know all about the plants like salvia and the ones you can extract dmt or peyote. But not even thinking of pot, we are so amazing to evolved like this and build things like the computer, what i'm typing on now. i truly think it would be amazing if we gave up the human language, unlocked every single door in the country. and go around on all fours everywhere staying whereever you like, there not much of a point to steal because you wont have a definate house, and there would be no point in stealing cloths because eveyone would be naked. i know supplies would run out but i'm sure if we spent all our money making a surplus of everything so we could last about 10-13 years on and then when its out have adapted enough to survive without those needs. now i'm sure this is the marijuana typing all this for me so excuse how stupid and off topic i went. but o well i'll folow up sober
  2. nakid dirty people who smell very very bad ....

    and have no toothpast!

    and with out tooth past you dont have teeth for long....

    so we need our jobs and shit ...

    becouse with out the shit bag world that has been created for us we would have no teeth ....and this would be a very bad thing!
  3. i apologize for my mostly retarded post i was extremely stoned then like i am now but in that post i rambled on about living like animals when my topic was about how amazing it is that we have evolved and how amazing everything realy is. one day take apart your TV remote control and just stare at it, frying or stoned and just think how is ths possible that a human made something that controls a tv. And anything like a computer or microwave. Also look at the periodic table of elements and how they arranged that and just anything in chemistry. its all mind blowing. and then even more is space. There has got to be some crazy creatures out there that look like nothing we can imagine? We could all be a science project of a 4 billion old giant alien kid that we happen to call GOD. holy shit fuck this is mindblowing. and in all this thats going on we all here have found a plant we like to smoke called marijuana. all i have to say more is WOW
  4. god damn lj, ur so fucking blown. hahahaha
  5. dude haha i'm fucked up right now your sig.s great. when did you post on here i've been stoned all day lookin at posts. I dont have anything to add to my spiritual post because i'm stoned but i'm might think of something in like a minutes so i'll post then.

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  6. lol

    i would much rather keep my computer...
  7. Hi,

    I'm new to this forum. I have to say that those two posts were great! I believe that one of the internet's most important benefits is bringing people of like mind together and stream-of-consciousness communication. Solarsinsemilla, I feel like I know you like a friend just from getting an insight into how your brain works.

    Give me more friend!
  8. how bout this one... life .... as we know it, is a shadow of what really exists... we are greater beings than what we are forced into in this life.

    imagine, that "human life" is a class...

    in a world that is so incredibly beyond us that we cant even comprehend...

    and say... our being.. whatever that may be ... is just "going to school" per say, and in this situation, we experience life for a certain amount of years, to learn something applicable to our REAL being.

    like virtual reality....

    and the time we die, is when the learning experience is over, and we return to the being that exists beyond our universe...

    and when we wake up....... from death .... class is over..

    and you have learned some lesson, whatever that may be ...

    which is pre-determined by the body you're placed in before "life as a human" begins.... and you have just been going about your life, according to a plan set out...

    not by god, but by "your teacher"

    this would explain fate, reincarnation, and even how the universe began

    it's all fake... and when you die, you're going to wake up in a chair, and move on to the next lesson

  9. ;):smoke:

    yeah i still agree....teeth good.....:eek:
  10. I have no idea how you found this post.. but its 1 of the 3-4 threads im subscribed to. SolarSinsimella is one crazy dude.. I bet i can get him to post his current grow to the secret garden.

  11. we could use some lively posters.....

    the idea pool has become stagnant;):smoke:
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    =D I need to start exploring other forums.. i normally only check the VIP and toking tools =[

    air conditioning = best thing evar

    edit: im fucking stoned

  13. i am guilty of almost never leaving s+p.....:eek::smoke:
  14. i will start visiting this forum for you sir. i cant recommend toking tools for ya.. DWB pieces were the best part, and they officially quit making master pieces. I'm so bent out of shape i didnt just throw down the cash for one.... cheers mang. this rips for you =b :smoke::smoke:

  15. would you believe at my age....:eek:.....i still make my own bongs....

    of coarse they are far from the 2 litter bongs of my teenage years;):smoke:
  16. I still like my teeth..... yet otherwise....could do without much of the modern world.... i would however be lieing if i said i dont enjoy the internet in my pocket....
  17. I like the teeth I have left. Couldn't really do without the dentist. Don't have the internet in my pocket, but would if I needed it.
    Interesting how you've come to resurrect forgotten threads. Wouldn't have happened without the changes. Might not mean anything, I don't have things like this that show up. But then, I'm not being notified of new posts in threads I subscribe to now, so who knows what answers may not appear on time?
  18. Lol! I was just a fat little 6th grader when this post was made. This was around the same time where I said I'll never smoke weed.
  19. Never say never  :smoke:
  20. never know what may pop its head up....... ;)

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