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How in the hell am i so medicated?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Funky Kush, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. A common question asked by us who vaporize i guess. How did i get so high and when did i do it????

    I recently got my own vaporizer (MFLB) about a week ago and every night since I have just been getting this floored in my room when my parents are asleep I just rip the fuck out of it so slow and steady. so smooth. I am literally like soaring off 2 packs of like .1-.2

    I went from a daily joint and blunt smoker to this thing and lemme tell you cannabis does not come in a cleaner form of medication I believe.

    Edibles are fun but can be overwhelming at times.
    Combustion still is very nice but vaporization just feels cleaner and better for me I love it.

    At the time I am living with my parents as I am home from college and they cant stand the smell of pot so I have not been able to smoke inside now for years at their house. This allows the convenience of getting as high as i want in my own room chilling on my laptop.

    will be awesome for the dorm.

    no point to this thread really... sorry...
    lemme know what your thoughts are on vaporizing/combustion i guess!

  2. Personally, i think you made a good choice to get a vaporizer. It forces you to be near the house to use it. Not to mention its healthier, And cmon imagine you could be getting high with a vape pen on an elevator full of people and barely anyone would notice xD.
  3. It's no secret that vapes pull more THC out of your bud than any other smoking method.

    My favorite is of course the volcano. Vaping one normal sized bowl to yourself in the 'canoe is like smoking two or three of the same sized bowl in some glass.
  4. Exactly. I really wish I could have dropped the money on a volcano just last week although I as a college student at a school where I have to be discreet about what I do I figured the mflb was the way to go for price, stealth, and portability. Thing gets the job done.

    Although when I get my own place next year I plan on adding Da Buddah to my collection.
  5. Nice man im getting an mflb. How long until the smell clears out?
  6. Trust me, get either a really good portable (Arizer Solo) or desktop (i.e. DBV, one that I upgraded to after MFLB), you will be much more satisfied with vapor quality and taste. :D

    Edit: Don't get me wrong, I like my MFLB highs. But after I got a decent desktop, it's hard to like the wispy vapor the MFLB produces. I am gonna save my money (fucking poor college student :() to get the Solo. :hello:
  7. Yeah dude vaping is the shit.. i just ordered the silver surfer vaporizer. i really like the pax too. mflb not as much, like ^this guy said it's hard to like the wispy vapor from the mflb when you've hit better desk top vapes.
  8. I'd love to start vaping, can't currently order shit like that to this address, though :( Haven't seen it in any shops around here, either. Guess I'll just have to wait until I move out, but this thread makes me want to get one even more ahaa.
  9. You made a good choice to switch to vaping. It's much cleaner and more efficient than other methods. I chill at home with my EQV and carry my MFLB when I'm out and about. I've used my MFLB at just so many places too..never could have done that with a pipe or a jay.

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