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How important's bud smell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CRKTE, May 14, 2010.

  1. So a lot of those guides on "how to tell if its good bud" are usually like see if its kiefy and crystally look for red hairs etc. A lot of those threads say that smell is the most important thing in determining quality. Do you guys agree with this? I mean yea sometimes you get that sticky smelly good bud. But sometimes i get good bud that isnt really all too smelly kinda smells like kief but not like smell it through the bag and my pocket, sometimes not even really too strong of a scent but like it kinda smells kiefy kinda like im smelling the kief in my grinder. idk i hope that makes sense? lol.

    and i know its not grit weed or anything so don't say that hahaha.:p

    TLDR; does bud have to be really smelly to be good bud?
  2. 2 ways you can tell if it's good.

    I stick by these ways.

    If it's extremely kiefy/sparkly/golden

    or if it has a strong so smell it stings ur nostrils.
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  3. In my experience,

    really stanky = really danky

    little smell = hard to tell

  4. If depends ive had bud that was not at all powerfully scented but got me very high.

    Things like smell and look arent everything when it comes to but.

    Sometimes the bud that doesn't look as good is actually better. You don't know till you smoke it.
  5. I always look for smell when picking up some good bud

  6. hah that made me laugh
  7. if after a couple seconds it stings your nostrils ...its dank lol

    like it doesnt have to reak the whole room, but if you put your nose to it and smell it for a sec it should be intense

  8. I must be blasted right now because I didn't even catch that until now lol. :ey:
    Yeah dude smell is usually a good way to tell if your bud's good. If you could smell it though plastic bags it's dank shit.

  9. I was like "atta boy... atta boy..." :smoke:
  10. I ALWAYS smell it before I pay and check out a bud. Most of my stuff is piney, once in a while fruitier. My last pickup was kinda bland and I was kind of disappointed because this was a brand new hookup and he asked if I wanted to match a bowl so I did and I was pleasantly surprised.

    Smell is to me to make sure it IS weed, make sure its not sweet and bland like mids, and to know what flavor to expect when I use my vape.
  11. smell isn't everything... i've had wicked awesome buds that got me really fucking high but smelled like actual green tea leaves.

    what i tend to go by is a visual inspection. if it has a lot of trichome stalks (they aren't that small) chances are it's decent at the least.

    and touch... if i pinch a bit and it doesn't spring back, it's too wet for my tastes. if it breaks off and crumbles, it's probably too dry (though if it's too dry you might be getting a deal since i've had really brittle dry bud get me soaring... though it was a cough session for sure... but the deal is to be had in that the active chemicals are still the same but the water has evaporated... so, more buds for the same amount.)

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