How important is PH?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by nikidog11, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. Seeking divine guidence once again as i mentioned in earlier post i just upgraded from 6-4' 40W flouros to a 250W HPS.
    I have put out a few decent crops using my favorite soil (schultzs plus) I have never worried about PH, IF it works dont fix it??

    If not what level should PH be
    If to high adjust by.....
    If to low adjust by.....
    Leave it the hell alone!!!???
  2. ph is important,yours must be on or close,dont fix it.just exsperiment with 1 plant.also pot size or the amount of perlite mixed with soil is going to determine the ph it will take/just curious what percentage your schultz is mixed with perlite and whats your water ph?......... thanks man!.......peace.
  3. try to keep around 6.8
  4. good ? I dont know what my water ph is...also dont know %of pearlite but i do know its in there... I think I will concetrate on getting my new 250W hps set up (YIPPY) cant wait for it to get here. then maybe i will experiment with PH, if works dont fix it!!!


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