How important is it that a fan oscillate

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  1. I have a fan in my tent and it does blow air across all 4 of my plants, even on low. Right now I have it on Med though. I was wondering if this would be good enough or is it that important that the fan oscillates?
    thanks in advance for your help
  2. Well and oscillating fan is good for young plants stems to strengthen up, when air flow becomes very important is when you start to flower your plants. You risk mold without your flowers/buds receiving some air. I have one oscillating fan, and two clip fans connected to my tent...I may buy one more, I use a lot since my grow space is kind of warm, but I do recommend good air flow, if you can add some I would. :bongin:
  3. ok, by the way i have a pretty small tent. i belive its 4'x2-3' and 5' tall. I only have 4 in 3 gal pots. going to transplant into 4gal next week because i didnt have enough soil to fill up the pots. but when the fan is right next to the intake blowing the fresh air right onto the plants. they are about 2-3 weeks old and when the tent is closed it blows air across all 4 of them and also bounces off the walls of the tent, ya think thats good or should i grab a lil oscillating fan or 2 when they flower to be safe.
  4. Hey dude, unless you already have all your outtake holes filled (the top ones) you should use fans to take the air out as opposed to pushing it in. Fans are more efficient at pulling air, and fresh air will be pulled in through the bottom via negative pressure.

    An oscillating fan is like kinda important, but you really don't need one until your plants start to bulk up and you need to cover more area if you've got another fan on them already, that's kind of what I'm doing now, just with a fan on the light hood and a fan about 3 inches above the plants too.

    You may want to look into those more expensive ones with HEPA filters, they'll help keep it fresh and I believe they help keep it mold free. They also can filter out pollen and random air contaminants, as well as providing more air flow than an oscillating fan.

  5. If air is getting to all of them now during the veg stage, I wouldn't worry about it, you could go with that setup until they start to really bush out.

    However, when it gets closer to flowering, I would add one or two more fans if you could, ones you could move around too (like the clip fans, or taller floor fans). Your plants will get vey tall, and your buds will swell when you water and feed that's when you really want a nice flow of air so the mold stays away.
  6. alright awesome. thank you! ill definitely add one or 2 more. im just broke at the moment unfortunately haha. a buddy helped me out with all the initial equipment. im gonna do it SCRoG by the way. under a 400w mh right now. lookin real good for how old they are.
  7. oh and Dissec, I dont have a fan pulling air in. i have an exhaust fan, and then i have a fan right next to the intake vent that blows all the fresh air on that plant the the negative pressure pulls in
  8. An oscillating fan strengthens the stems and will help to hold up the weight of buds when in flowering.
    It is much different than a fan blowing constantly on a plant.
    The swaying motion and the relaxation period the oscillating fan provides creates a resistance the plant learn to cope with and helps branches become sturdy...
  9. You can achieve the same result by moving your fan daily and giving the air flow different angles of attack. The idea is to keep a constant supply of fresh air with CO2 in it and to strengthen the stems.
  10. What are some recommended fan brands, and what size/quantity would be nice to have in a 48"x48"x80" tent? Just getting setup. Thanks to everyone and sorry for thread jacking.
  11. Go to walmart and get fans on sale, no need to get anything fancy! A 7 dollar fan will do!

  12. Just one? Also I'm curious about the filter/inline fan size for said dimension tent? I'm wanting to utilize negative pressure as fresh air intake? Thanks again!

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