How important is humidity for veg room??

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  1. My little gals are 8"-9" tall doing pretty well, temp. is good but humidity is low, like 35%-60% and I have a humidifier going full bore in there it only raises it about 5%( as far as the senser say) theres little mini clouds that roll over babies with the air from the fan, they seem to love it, but still wondering if its to dry for em?
  2. 35 to 60 is fine higher if you can get it but be careful with high humdity during flower. Its easy to get bud rot if you don't have real ggod ventilation.
  3. What is it 35% or 60% ??? If you're running a humidifier it could be 85% or more !!

    Some plants would adjust and thrive in the condition, but definetly not for flowering. The high humidity can lead to a lot of problems i.e. mold Guaranteed !

    I would buy a thermostat that shows high, low, and humidity. Critical not to be guessing and over adjusting the situation....
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    60% early in morning 35% afternoon ( welcome southern Cal)
    humidifier from target pumps out fog pretty good
  5. wondering if my senser or placement of is giving me a false reading as far as what the plants are feeling
  6. you are very right about the mold....I inspect house & buis. for mold and do air sampling for a living
    I'm a CMI ( certified microbial investigator)
  7. You're right SoCal is HOT this time of the year. I put a glass of water in front of my fan and let it blow across my babies. I'm running 40% :)
  8. DId a quick search and came on this forum. But would having a mist of water being sprayed on plants when the light is on burn the leaves?
  9. droplets of water will burn if the lights are powerful enough. usually with high wattage hps/mh

    i run 30% humidity and haven't had any issues...plants still stay short and get bushy if i lst or hst
  10. I regularly mist my plants, but only when they're vegging. I also only use T5s for lighting. Even then I've gotten a little bit of burn before.

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