How Important Is Good Soil?

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  1. The reason I ask is because of my two last attempts to grow some good weed.
    I wouldn't claim to have a killer set-up but enough to give me around 20g per plant, so my first grow was in my closet with around 200w cfl, with the right spectrum ofcourse, I spent about 3 hours a day researching so I feel like I did quite a good job with the low-budget equipment I had.
    My second grow was a mix between 6 hours of intense sunlight (South Amerika) and the same cfl set-up, with a cardboard box covered with black plastic and a thick blanket for the 12/12 period.
    I had mixed results as I made a lot of mistakes (at least the second time) but I still feel I should have got a bit more out of it than what I did. 
    Now I'm going to try again, in my closet with just a slightly better set-up than before.
    To my question: I never really considered having good soil and even if I had read about its importance, I never really understood why some soil was better than other apart from nutrition and how well the roots could grow. 
    Is good soil a crucial part? it would save me a lot of time if I only changed to quality soil and did the same way as I did before and got the shy result I'm looking for.
    Or would quality soil compared to crapy soil, using the same food, lightning and ventilation only give a slightly better result?

  2. About as important as sunlight and water.....the chance of you burning, stunting and slowing your plant is very high with shit soil. Some one using backyard dirt will get bud....but I bet the same plant in good soil yields 10x as much.
  3. Look in the "Plant Problem" section of the forum and look for a common theme among the overwhelming majority in there that are having issues, it will answer your question for you.   A plant's soil is a huge compenent of it's can have the best equipment, growing conditions, nutrients that money can buy, but if your plant is in a poor soil, you are severeley limiting it's potential.   The portion of the plant growing above the soil is only a reflection of the health of the root system below the soil.
    Issues with poor soil:   poor drainage, root rot, nutrient burn, stunted plants, time-realeased nutrients that can cause all sorts of problems  
    Personally, I've never understood why people spend a bunch of money and time getting into this hobby and then hurt their chances of success by not reading about proper soils, or by trying to save $10 and settling on Miracle Crap or something similar.  
  4. Good soil is important, but you can make it better by adding some nutrients. Also keep an eye on maintaining the entire process of watering and plant growth too. Just good soil without any maintenance won't take you far.
  5. Thanks for all the answers!
    The reason i bought poor soil was not because of the budget nor being ignorant (Ok, i might have been a little bit ignorant) that it was an important part, I simply couldn't find any good soil anywhere, I know it sounds incredible but people here really don't have much knowledge about gardening and they don't really seem to care either.
    I found a growshop Specialized on cannabis and I'm going to by some good soil today! :D
  6. good soil can be the difference between a dead or very stunted plant and a awsome 3ft plant with amazing buds mate
    you wan something nice a airy and no nutez not with bark in it or random crap and 9weeks of food for a plant that would burn your plant
    but get the nice low-no nute compost then add some perlite and youll be fine some bags come ready mixed
  7. Hey Mama, I used to think that your soil quality was everything until I met a guy who'd be growing with Miracle Gro for the last 20 something years...
    If you don't know what you're doing, a better soil mix will have you better prepared! But if your a vet and your not an organic grower, it doesn't matter.
    Pretty much if your not organic, it doesnt matter what soil you use IMO, bcuz nothing synthetic does the soil ecosystem any good!
    If you are trying to grow organic meds, you need a nice better soil mix than usual!
    I look at it like I'm putting my plant into a buffet and letting it eat whenever it wants to!
    Once it gets to big for said container, or starts showing that it's ready to tranplanted, I transplant to a new batch of the same soil, kinda giving the plan the final buffet for it finished!
    In a non organic soil, you roil won't be feeding the plants. You will.
  8. So, I'm back from the store, they didn't have much of a choice but i finally came back home with BioBizz Light mix, which I heard should be a good choice (at least way better than the last I had, which turned into a bloody rock after a week, I hope)
    Thanks again for your comments! I'll be around here a lot from now as I earn my living from wherever there's internet now  :smoking:

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