How important are nutes?

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  1. How important are nutrients (like fox farm trio) for plants? Does it really affect the yield and quality of the bud that much? What are the benefits of using nutes to not using nutes?
  2. Thats a silly question. You have a pot of soil as you water and as your plant grows it strips the soil of any nutrients. Eventually there will be none and for all intents and purposes your soil is a suspension for your plant roots with nothing in it. Because you cant see the nutrients and because the soil looks like soil it doesnt mean theres anything in it.

    The act of adding nutrients replaces what has been flushed out by you and what the plant has eaten.

    You'll have a much smaller plant without nutes possibility of it dying or doing very poor.

    Ask yourself if you would enjoy a water diet for several months?
  3. Sorry if you thought it was silly I don't understand plants that well I guess. But thanks for the help I understand it now :) I'll definitely be ordering nutes

  4. Id suggest reading the stickies at the top of the forums, google some grow guides. Maybe pick up a book like Cannabis Grow Bible. Reading gives you about 80% of what you need the rest you learn on the go.
  5. Ight will do
  6. "Nutes" from bottles are definitely not absolutely necessary. You can get 3-4 dry ferts mix them in your soil and use just plain water. With no nutes you don't have to worry about ph, ppm, or deficencies.

    Kelp meal, alfalfa meal, espoma plant tone and earth worm castings.


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