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  1. Alright so I was inspired by a few posts to share what my ride looks like and what i have done to it. Its a volvo and its automatic, so power isnt my focusing point. Like i said in another post im an Audiophile, i love music and listening to the highest quality i can find. I istalled this system in my car last summer and when i go home lots of things are going to be changed, because i have found a store within a drivable distance of my house that carries some of the things i have been looking for for awhile now. so here are some pics of my setup as is with updates coming probably withing hte next two weeks.


    ^ got the 2 12" w6v2 sound so much better on rock in that sealed box they hit like a champion. YOu can see how dirty my car is and the whole in the carpet on the box. I built that bad boy of of 2" mdf and it fits perfectly into my trunk. couldnt get my hands on ligher grey carpet to match but whatever.


    ^ my amp set up. CLarion 400w amp bridged onto my components up front, its gone now i have a zapco 300.4 on my focal 165K3P speakers. no pics right now but when i get home they should be up. that is a 15 farad cadence capacitor on there, its not hooked up in the pic thats the wire coming off the top. and then a zapco 500.1 on the jl's with balanced line drivers.


    Alpine cda-9851 HU. the knob on the top left that looks pretty beat up is the bass knob for the 500.1 that i modded to fit up there.


    side shot of the car..... enkei 18'' rs6's wrapped in yokohama prada spec 2 35 series tires. makes it ride like shit im gonna throw some 40's on there when i get home. this picture is also before i tinted my windows. I ordered profesional grade tint off of the net for about $85 with some razors for cutting, squeeges(sp?), and a heat gun. the tint job is actually really nice looking as i practiced on my windows in my room before doing. I still had enough tint left over after doing my car and the window in my room to do my sisters BMW 330 convertable when i was done.

    lots of stuff coming up in soon hopefully when i get home and start working. Ill be buying some mcintosh amplifiers to power some new subs. Im looking to get some adire subs or maybe some resonent engeneering subs. The pods that my focals are in i want to redo in fiberglass before the mdf is bulky up front. That HU has already been sold, and im going to get a touch screen alpine 7" monitor im pretty sure. when teh subs and amps sell ill be ordering all new stuff and getting to do another install i cant wait. let me know what you think of my car.

    oh also on the outside im ordering clear side markers, and perhaps some K&W coilovers if i have the cash. The rear has been debadged except for the VOLVO lettering on the turn lid.


    thats what the front of the car looks like..... need to get that orange side marker off there asap.

    SO far ive spent about $3500 on stereo equipment and accesories for the car. including rims and tires. if you went and priced out all the stuff in the car and the ammount of time spent installing from sound deadening to custom speaker instillation and box building, its easily over 8k in work and parts. im pretty happy with that considereing ive tuned all my crossovers and amps myself so that my system is coming with full power. You can hear me coming before you see me, but thats not really my style and i only really turn up full volume when im high or smoking. let me know what you think of my work, everything was done by me, remember im only 18 and i havent really done many installs so i know its a little sloppy.
  2. Not bad looking at all... I'm not really the biggest volvo fan just because I don't really find the body style appealing, but bottom line, they're damng good cars. Not to mention your sound system is nothing to complain about. The rims do look a little too big for this car though.

    I'm going down to Boulder today to hopefully buy a new car, so if all that goes through I'll post some pics of my new baby. I have a lot of plans for her, but I need the gentlemen who's selling it to drop the price a couple of grand.
  3. Looks aiight, but I really like the sounds system. I love to listen to high qaulity sound, I go into those Bose demostrations ever tyme I get a chance. Over all you have a nice car bro. JOE>
  4. No offense, but bose isn't really high quality audio. Yes that have some high quality gear, but its way overpriced. Just like the JL gear in my car, maybe even those zapco amps. But luckily i can get my gear at a wholesale price. When i put my system in my car looks werent a main factor as i usually dont use my trunk anyway, that was my first box i built ever. When I get my new adire subs im hoping to try out fiberglass enclousures. But yea i know what you mean, i have all competition sq gear in my car, but im about to take it to the next level.

    as far as home audio goes if you want to hear some really quality stuff look for companies like Rotel, Niam, B&W, and NAD. there are lots more out there that really blow anything bose has recently released out of the water. but yea i know what you mean, its really something when you can hear the calrity and crispness in what your listening to.
  5. Is that a Range Rove in the back i see?BTW nice Car. Sophisticated yet simple
  6. This post made me smile. Zapco makes me smile. Adire makes me smile too. I hate my stereo. I threw it together out of gear I had lying around. E12 sealed running off a Kenwood mono, 500W rms. Speakers came with the car I forget what they are, components in teh front (Clarion maybe?) running off an old-ass alpine 4ch. I don't remember any model numbers. I love that little speaker amp. What're you getting from adire?
  7. Thats a nasty volvo. it looks good and you installed your own shit, props.

    the iva-d300 is sick ;)

    i like the ride.
  8. well i actually just got off the phone with my fatehr so things could be changing. My grandmother is actually interested in buying my car becasue she likes the way it looks so much, my brithday i in june and i start working full time next thursday. I might be getting a new car. if ihave the money i really want to get an s4 or a new tahoe. but then a new system is gonna have to wait. If i get something like an s4 i want to get 1 adire 12'' brahma. If i get the 'hoe im gonna wanna go with either two 12'' brahmas or a 15'' RE XXX. then depending on what subs i get new amps are in order. I want to get a mcintosh MCC404M, if i got two adire brahmas that would be giving me about 350 rms to each sub, and those mother fuckers will pound(anyone who says oh man youve only got 350 watts going to your subs, i will reach through the screen and slap you becasue you dont know what your talking about). Ill probably be keeping the zapco amp for the highs/mids and look into getting some focal utopias if im gonna be getting those subs. hopefully everything works out and i can get enough money together cus i really want a new car to work on, this would be about the 4th setup ive had in the volvo if i keep it. I also run my car without rear speakers, this is how its done in SQ competition cars.

    blazin talon, your lucky to have some of that old gear. as time goes on these companies are really just manufacturing some bull shit products, and giving them even more bull shit power ratings. Im sure that alpine amp is pretty beast. your talking about type E 12's right? a friend had those impressive even though im not a fan of alpines drivers.

    the Alpine Iva-d310 is a pretty sick HU, but the motorized screen is really slow. A friend had one in his evo and it constantly had problems. I want to get the iva-w200, very similar specs, will fit my double din slot, and no motorized screen. well thats what i was looking into for the volvo. if i get a new car im going to have to go with a clarion HU probably a touch screen pull out monitor, like the VRX765VD, or maybe just a really high end eclipse HU. but who knows, im gonna have to see when i get home, soooooo many ideas.:p
  9. haha yea thats how my mom rolls, maybe shell let me take that off her hands.
  10. nice volvo i iike the mods!! i would post stuff on my car but for one i don't want any cops on here to spot me because my car has been heavily modified, and also it would take way too long to post everything i have done. peace

  11. never had any problems with the motorized screen, mine flips open once i put the key in the and closes when i get out, i like it like that.

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