How I'm gonna start saving some money for more weed...

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoooooner, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. This is nothing new, I'm just an idiot. I eat out way too much. WAY too much...those $7 swipes of the card really really add up...the $50 a week on weed is okay, but I've realized that if I just buy frozen food and lots of stuff I can cook at home I can save more money probably like $25 a week and I can throw that at some dank nugs haha wow this shoulda been really obvious but this is my new plan wohoo yeah im stoned as hell and i know im rambling but i think im gonna smoke again and go to the grocery store, that would be fun hahha
  2. good thinkin man, responsible finance is what will show nonsmokers that we can function just as well. lil obvious but good plan
  3. It's one of the only things I learned in Home Economics class... cooking at home is MUCH cheaper than eating out. Now you just have to stick to the plan...

  4. ha yeah..and not eat all the good food when I'm blackout drunk at 4am.

  5. Grocery shopping too blazed is bad. If you have the munchie you end up with wayy too much junk food.:smoke: I know from experience
  6. It's also healthier, if you're smart. Hit up farmer's markets or other stores designated strictly to produce and you can kick ass emeril-style.
  7. Yes, BUT ... Anyone with a Jimmy John's around their college campus is doomed. You can't escape. I'm sorry.
  8. x2 jimmy johns fuckin owns orders taken till 3 15, store itself till 4 am...i love jimmy johns
  9. $5 a month could support you if you ate nothing but ramen... (well atleast 2-3 weeks, i dunno about a month)
  10. thats how much i spend a week too.. pick up some ramen.. 39 cents a pack and it gets you pretty full
  11. You know smoking and going to the grocery store may sound like a good idea but in reality you're asking for trouble, haha.. me and my roomate did that the first few times we went shopping for the house and we ended up spending more than we wanted..on alot more "muchie-esque" food than we should have.. lol take my advice if you want your plan to work. smoke when yer done

  12. Friends don't let friends toke and shop... DON'T DO IT!!!:D
  13. Don't go shopping high dude. You'll spend so much fucking money. Lmao.

    Go shopping then get high. That way, you'll have food for munchies. :D

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