How I went to hell and back

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  1. hey, remember that bad shroom trip i had. will i figuered out how i got the bad trip.
    heres what happened: so me and my friend are like" ah man we need some shrooms" and that following i just got a soild conect. remember my good trip i posted about?
    so we get some shrooms lab grown and expensive as hell, 40$ an 1/8, so we get them 2 1/8s that night, we stuffed them into hotpockets and ate them. we go back to his house and his mom is alsleep so i won't have to worry about his mom kicking me out (ima kinda baned) we expect his dad to come home so i get ready to hide in his closet till his dad went to sleep. so we hear the garage door open so i hide in his closet for about 15 mins and his dad walks into his room and starts undressing and my friend said " dad don't undress here"
    "Ib jess getting ready for bed" (hes flliopno)
    and im a llil worried but i was expecting it so that was ok, will his dad goes to bed and we start trippen hard core mind you that we where triping pretty hard before that, lol his ccoathanger was talking to me and calling my name. and we're have a fucking awesome trip them his older sis comes in, which is chill, shes tight as fuck we smoked with her so many times and shes always down. and her boyfriend which is super chill and is always inviting us of to his pad to smoke and match bowls and have smoke outs and shit his down too, but with so many people in a small room i got kinda nervous so i was getting jumpy and scared and say shit like "OMG his parents are coming and id try to hide and shit one time i was so freaked out i tryed to climb out his window. i was tripin hard. there were faces coming out of the wall and i saw my fingers fall off. i thought i was having a heart attack. so i was going to drive home and and my friends BF was telling me it was unsafe to drive (it prolly was) but its was 1:00 in the morning so there would be no cars on the road. i was filping out how my friends BF just wiped out weed because my friends peranets are super against durgs. so he was fliping because of that so i just said fuck it and left. as i was walking to my car some stoner kids scared the shit outta me because the where laughing and it sounded evil and loud prolly stoned :smoke: . lol. when i got home i started to cry and think about killing my self but i don't have the balls to do it *whew* (i love my life :eek: ) and then i was posting on this and i saw my face in the mirror and i thought i died and was looking down on my corps and then i begain to go down and become more calm and then i went to bed after a lil while of grooveing on the rest of the trip because it got better as i put on muisc. and the was my bad trip. although my trip was bad ill do them agian because im not gonna let one bad trip make me not wanna exp. them any more:smoke:
  2. yea dude. i didn't like my first trip bc it didn't go so well. after a few days, i'm ready to get back on that horse (sorta like drinking lol). yea, coming down sucks though. always kinda depressing
  3. Eh, try eating a 5 or 10 strip of acid, then we'll talk about bad trips.

    Shit, I don't think I can ever touch acid again, lol. The worst trip I ever had was off a 6 strip and there was this big ass poster of the Incredible Hulk on the wall....he came out of the wall and was chasing me around the room, I felt like I was running for my life, lol.

    Glad to hear that everything worked out ok for you though. Mind over matter. :)

    My bad experiences was when I was much younger and much dumber. I've learned to have a respect for substances now.
  4. Damn man, I've never had a bad trip, and frankly it's hard for me to imagine having one. *knocks on wood*

    I havent tripped in like 6 months tho, i really need to find a connect for 'cid...
  5. oh shit that would scare they shit outa me, was he huge?

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