How I vape bho (pics)

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    Shout out to @WaxPayne for giving me the step by step on this method :)
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  2. Lookin good bro this method is pretty quick and effective if u got a rda and sum wax on you :)
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  3. How many hits before you have to reload? I'm always worried I'll burn out the coils doing it like that.
  4. Looks like my atomizer attachment. Slips right onto any dab rig and uses a stick type battery. I use it all the time. Milky fucking hits that taste super good.

    Link to the method you used?
  5. Im guessing your juicing the wicks while doing this?
  6. About 10 hits or so . maybe less. It wicks juice slower than normal with oil soaked in, so I end up dabbing more ejuice on the coils when they seem to dry out a bit.

    And it doesn't seem to damage the coils. This is my fourth cleaning or so since I been messing with this method. The cotton gunks up very fast though, can only dab oil onto the coil 2 maybe 3 times before needing to rewick

    It's an rda (rebuildable dripping atomizer) where you build the coils yourself then wick them up with cotton.

    And I used tips from a fellow blade. Basically you have your build, wick cotton, slightly wet the whole wick. Drip bho onto coils. Wet wicks fully. Then gently gently heat the coils until the bho melts slowly into the wick. Then ready to hit

    Yes sir. I lightly wet, drip my oil, fully wet the wick, then slowly slowly pulse the fire button until the bho seeps in. Very slowly and gently though
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  7. This is the best way hands down to dab on a rda

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