How I TRULY enjoy my stone

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  1. Hey guys,

    I am new here at grass city but wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I am an aspiring Financial Planner in Florida who has been greatly enlightened by the buds. I am trying to create a website (virtual gathering place) that will house the most amazing and top quality marijuana and stoner related videos known to man.

    My site is very new right now, and has just begun beta testing. It has the capabilites of being a social network however I would like to focus on the video aspect of this.

    If you are interested in contributing to this community please contact me on here or on my email so I can give you a username and password to start adding your favorite videos. You can also visit our prelaunch website which is to start adding your collection.

    Note: Most of the videos are just embedded from you tube or another site and some are uploaded. Either is fine to do because I am just trying to "gather" the best stoner related videos on the market. lease check out the beta version of my site.
  2. welcome to the city
  3. That's a good idea and I enjoy rocks too bro.

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