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How I Thought I Was in Star Wars

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by pizza_n_boges, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. M: U comin to my house later today, bro? We smokin a dub, can you thrown down a dime?

    I read the text 7th period while the rest of the class is busy reading The Odyssey. I'm reading it in my bookbag pretending to look for my pen. I write back. O-f-.-C-o-u-r-s-e-. Send message. A relaxing feeling from my head to my my toes spreads throughout my body and I can't suppress a small smile. It's been a long day and I had a big fight with my mom yesterday. Never had a better time for bud come.

    We wait outside of school across the street at a place called The Wall. It was painted (or graffitiied) in a strange fashion, not unlike the wall paint commonly found in Greenwich Village. The Village wasn't too far away either. St. Mark's st and its headshops were maybe a 30 minute stroll from my high school. The Wall was across a busy four-lane highway where a lot of our kids became road food. The intersection of the Wall and the highway was always crowded with cars looking to make a turn onto it and, not rarely, police.

    I can't find the guy I usually get from and I'm still pretty new to this school at this point so I'm not sure who to turn to, but I see a kid I bought a 90-piece from before. He's about to smoke a joint with another mellow, laid-back stoner wearing a characteristic beanie even though it was at least 70 outside.

    I hand him a crisp Alexander Hamilton and he doesn't even need to nod for me to understand he knows what I'm saying. He hands me a smallish baggy behind the raised wall where any cars can't see what we're doing. I imagine it would look pretty obvious, though. Poisonberry, I hear. What the fuck is a poisonberry, whatever I think to myself and leave to talk to my friend. He gets a pretty skimpy dub from another dealer but it looks super-potent with white hairs pretty much begging to escape the bag.

    Fast forward an hour later. I'm sitting in a driveway across the East River in southern Brooklyn, maybe 15 minutes away from Brighton Beach. My friend who's just learning to roll is in the back getting to work next to a blue light with a pack of rizla's, some herb, and ten sticky fingers.

    We have two girls with us but I'm not really digging either and the only thing on my mind is how terrible I've been doing at poker and I need a smoking session to get my mind off my third -$1000 session in under a month. Just want to forget all the hard work and sweat wasted at the computer.

    The weed, the poisonberry, doesn't smell too fresh but I can tell it's better than mids so I'd give it maybe a 7.5 out of 10. Visible hairs, but it's darkish green and somewhat dense. I pack a bowl and start hitting it with the girls and my other friend M.

    We finish the first quicker than I thought, so I pack another. I have a small bowl so I can make a decent bowl off like .1g of bud and still get pretty burned from that. I'm a lightweight and always make sure to keep my tolerance low so I'm definitely getting stoned today.

    I can feel myself getting noticeably dizzier and the sunset looks beautiful. The crimson sky looks like a giant ceiling far above the sky and the diminishing flame of the sun succumbing to the shade of the night dazzles me and I get off-balance. I can tell my heartbeat is somewhat elevated as well, but not too much.

    I stay like this for another...I look at my watch and I can't tell the time. It's insane. The minute hand is standing still but the second hand is chasing my eyes around with its spell. I can't focus on the hands well enough to see the time. Fuck that!

    I look up at the sky and stumble back. I fall on my ass! It's dark now, with only a slight shimmer of light coming from way back behind the horizon. Hmwowhmmm, I feel the weight of the world squishing me. The pressure changes in an instant and my hearing volume changes. Everything is quiter, yet I can hear the rush of the air past my ears perfectly. Time doesn't exist. I feel a wave of euphoria start at my heart and in a few quick pulses spread to my arms. My fingers fall on the ground.

    The sensation reaches my legs. I can barely stand back up now. And it goes in the opposite direction to my neck and my head. I can barely stand now. I strain my head back to see my friend J still rollin up (lol:rolleyes:). The blue light behind him reflects off the greenish gate and the weed and his blond hair in a beautiful mesmerizing cascade of light.

    It launches me into a mini-trip. I feel like I'm Darth Revan (anyone play the game?:cool:) and, again starting at my heart, a creepy sensation rocks through my body swirling from the arteries into my capillaries and veins. Not a single muscle or cell doesn't feel it. I can hear people talking but it's very slurred and the world is blurry. When I turn my head, I can see afterimages and the shading makes it look like two images layered on top of each other.

    I'm on an alien planet world. The cars stare at me like giant droids ready to destroy us. SEND IN THE CLONES! I yell in my head and barely suppress my urge to scream it. The slight part of me not wrecked reminds the other high part of me that if I do such a thing I'm definitely going to get caught. By this time, I don't know how to explain my feelings other than "trippin' balls." I'm in Star Wars, Earth, and my own world all in one.

    I look at my watch and a strange calm overtakes me. I'm not high at all. I can tell the time. Only two minutes after my "hallucination." My friends are talking to each other and I can clearly tell one of the girls is looking at me and probably thinks I'm a retard from the way I behaved. I smile meekly at the thought.

    I'm about to get up and go...Hmwowhmmm. My ears pop, my mind slows, THE GIRL IS DEFINITELY STARING AT ME! A wave of paranoia hits me. If my mom finds out through her, NO...SHE'S A SITH! I try to gasp and choke on my spit. I can imagine what I looked like just walking around choking on my spit with huge, red dilated eyes. My eyes are naturally huge and when I smoke they're like two giant balloons.

    At the time, though, what I thought resembles: IT'S THE FUCKING FORCE CHOKE!!! LET GO OF ME BITCH! I was really tripping balls and I felt like attacking her because I knew the feeling wouldn't stop, but I manage to coarsely force down a breathful of air and it calms me down. Another wave of relaxation rushes through me, head to toe just like last time and I want to collapse on the ground.

    Long story short, this goes on for another 15 minutes before I go to my boy's crib to crash. Best 30-minute nap I ever had. I even had some salad high. When his sister asked me my name, I didn't know what to say I waited for so long thinking of an answer she thought I refused to answer. When I finally settled on a suitable lie "Michael" she had to remind herself what it was she asked.

    But M's sister is smart and sees right through me. "Why are you lying?"

    I pause. "Because my real name sounds too Jewish."

    "What is it?"

    "Moshe" I say and my friend is laughing but I somehow keep a stern face. She still knows I'm lying, though.

    Lol sorry for the long story, I tend to ramble. :cool:
  2. what da fuuuck
  3. pretty funny story man, i miss intense imagination trips like that from my early days getting way more baked than i should have

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