How I saved a life and the progression of marijuana!.

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  1. Ok, so this story all started off when yesterday I decide to go and chill at my friends in the city. He had just picked up an 8th of white widow, so before we smoke we go and pick up another kid close by who id never met before. He seemed cool when i met him and my friend had originally told me he had smoked about 4 times before but never gotten high. Personally I don't really like smoking with people i don't know and who are new to MJ, but this time i made an exception because the weed wasn't mine.

    So we make a water bottle bowl and begin to drive around and blaze. I smoked about 2 bowls to myself and with the white widow that is more than enough to get you blazzeddd. We pass the bowl to the new kid and he takes 3 to 4 hits. A couple minutes go by and we ask him if hes high and he says no. We just said wait a minute and it will kick in. So in the mean time we decide to go into tropical smoothie to eat.

    We order and sit down to eat and i asked the kid if he was high yet, he responds " No i just feel really light headed and tired" So im like shit...... Then all of the sudden he says " I think im gonna black out" and right after he says the sentence, he falls forward and loses consciousness, and for the first 5 seconds me and my friend bump him on the arm and say " quit fucking around" Then i realized it was not a fucking joke, his eyes roll back in his head and he begins to have a seizure, hes shaking in his chair, WERE HIGH AS FUCK and im panicking, he starts to shake more violently and he falls backward in his chair and just right before he falls on his head on the tile floor , I grab him and catch him and hold him. The strangest thing is his muscles were loose when i grabbed him and then all the sudden his face made a crazy expression and every muscle in his body tenses up and his legs shoot straight up. It scared the shit out of me and im sitting there thinking Oh my god this kid is going to die in my arms.

    Then thank god he woke up in my arms and he was extremely dazed, he had a seizure for about a good 15 seconds , he says to me "what just happened" and im like bro you had i seizure. he had no idea how he passed out and for the next 10 minutes i was scared to death the shit would happen again but he made it out alright and we took him home.

    As for any idea on why he had a seizure, im am completely clueless, hes never had one ever , but i seriously doubt smoking weed had anything to do with it .... but maybe i dont know. He was on no medication at all, he doesn't have asthma??? i just dont know.

    But Lets Get to how i saved marijuana...............

    Im sure some of you have heard of kids having seizures and falling and hitting their heads. If this happens it causes the brain to hemorrhage and clot up, which he would have hit his head if i had not caught him falling back. So stay with me on this cause im blazed. Since we were in public at Tropical Smoothie there were plenty of other people in the store, While he is seizureing, a lady comes up and is freaking out and calls 911 and tells the location, 2 seconds later he wakes up and i have to convince the lady he doesn't need medical attention. ( this whole time i scared shitless because we have weed on us and if 911 comes and they see us with red blazed eyes and smelling like weed and the kid just had a seizure.... guess who their going to blame in the report ... MARIJUANA .)

    Think about the repercussions if he would have died. The scenario would unfold like this.... 911 would come, the police would seen him dead and asked us if he had been using any drugs, which the whole time we have red ass eyes and weed in possession , they would have searched us and found it, they would have figured out the kid was smoking . The entire death would then be blamed on marijuana, i would be getting investigated right now and prolly would be crying my eyes out to his dad ( his mom died 3 years ago). So then the media would find out about the the death and they would have blamed it on MJ. It would have been the first recorded death of MJ, A HUGE FUCKING DEAL!

    MJ gets treated like crack as it is , think about how it would be if the kid had died from it, it would have turned in to the medias New Number One Most Dangerous Drug and MJ would basically be officially done forever and never have a chance of legalization. As one of the side effects would be violent seizures. THANK GOD I CAUGHT HIM BEFORE HE FELL . Most importantly thank god HE WOKE UP AND THANK GOD I CONVINCED THE LADY NOT TO GET 911.

    He is feeling 100 percent normal today and things are back in order. IT WAS A GIFT FROM GOD THE SITUATION DIDN'T TURN DEADLY. I'm one lucky son of a bitch and so is he. So I saved him from falling and mostly likely dieing from Brain trauma and I saved MJ from forever being treated as an Extremely dangerous drug with very serious and deadly side effects. The anti drug companys would have exaggerated the story and totally fucked over MJ for nothing, even if it wasn't proven the seizures were caused by MJ

    This whole story is 100 percent true. Any ideas or input on what might have cause his seizure would be welcomed. Please leave feedback and ideas:confused: ext.

    Thanks for reading GC , a story like this is really hard to tell in text.
  2. Holy shit.... Dude, you're a fucking hero man... you should have like a statue or some shit, forreal no joke. I've seen numerous threads on GC about kids having seizures after smoking weed, which is kinda scaring me. This is the 5th maybe 6th one I've seen about a kid having a seizure after tokin up... Damn.
  3. Woah, was he allergic to anything he consumed at the tropical smoothie place...which sounds so tremendous right now.:smoking:
  4. good luck gettin someone to read that
    sorry man im not even stoned and thats too long for me
  5. congratulations on the 2 wonderful saves
  6. I think it was the weed that caused the seizure bro. It most likely wasnt the smoothie..

    The first time i got high i smoked like 2 bowls of shwag and was head tripping lol. 4 Hits of white widow? Jesus!!! Thats like giving someone 151 the first time they drink.

    Also it is not 100% chance he would have died, it may have cuased serious injury, but even thats unlikely in my opinion.

    Regardless of all of what i said, im not critisizing your post just giving some input like you asked. You did save someone from being injured, or killed, thats pretty sweet. I bet your NEVER going to smoke with noobs again lol!
  7. That guy should go to a doctor, man. Seizures can be very serious. People who have one seizure are likely to have more. If he has epilepsy, he could definitely die. I can't believe 911 didn't send an ambulance after hearing it was a seizure.
  8. A similiar thing happened to my friend at the theatre where I used to work. Except she smoked daily with me. But she eneded up being dehydrated and passing out at the front counter and the paramedics did come. They asked her if she taken anything and she said no because my boss was their the whole time and that probably would've fucked me.

    A single grain of rice can tip the scale. nice work bro
  9. damn man good job.all the stoners in america should thank you
  10. Lol people that don't wanna read it are lazy ass stoners lol :D

    On the real though, that is some crazy stuff man, way to handle the situation. :hello:
  11. Could he be allergic to pot? I don't know if that would cause a siezure, but he must have had a lot of that shit in his system. Tha'ts a scary story though.

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