How I Pressed My Hash With A Pollen Press

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  1. I wanted to share what I have just done. I would have taken pics, if my phone wasn't dead and I was patient enough to do so.
    I used some keif from the dry ice method, using a 220 Micron bubble bag, from some Bubba Kush. The product input was a mix of fresh super trichy sugar leaves and some dry buds from an earlier harvest of the same plant. The keif was left to sit for 24 hours before the process.
    I used a smaller, sharpstone T press and a BIC liter to do the initial press. I wasn't satisfied with the results. Do not get me wrong, it was good enough to smoke, but I wanted something a little more pliable and more like a hash, rather than a clump of keif. So I decided to re-press the keif. This time using more heat and smaller amounts. I was using about 1 gram per disc originally, and on this trial, I used appx. .5 grams per disc, except for one disc, which was still a 1 gram disc.
    So I broke the hash up into the T press then used the hot plate of my coffee maker to heat the chamber for about 5-8 mins. The bar wasn't completely pressed, but rather just tightened enough to encapsulate the keif completely. This allows for the heat to transfer better through the trichomes. Once the press was just hot enough to not be able to touch with bare hands, I pressed it, using a towel to insulate my hand from the bottom portion or chamber of the press and cranked it hard. Then for my harder and darker disc's I place the press back on the hot plate for an additional 5 mins. I did this because I noticed that some would leak on the sides of the metal pellets that press it, and it also made the hash darker and more pliable. The stuff that leaked on the sides is scrape-able when cold, and is translucent amber in color. It resembles some really awesome hash oil.
    After the last 5 mins on the heat pad, I placed the press into the freezer for at least 10 mins. This resulted in my 1/8th inch light green packed keif cakes to become 1/16th inch brown to black hash cakes and on the knife that I scraped the residue that leaked on the sides of the presses. This stuff looks absolute premium. I haven't tried any yet, because I am having some brews at the moment and want to give a good report on flavor and smoke characteristics as well as the stoney-ness.

    I might take the 6-- half gram discs and use the same process to press them all together to get one 3.5 gram disc. Or maybe just press 2 together and make 3 gram and some discs.


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    Ok, So I tested the oil that I recovered from the press. I put a bit on the end of my cig, straight from the freezer. Melted it down to the tip of cig, and puffed it and tasted this awesomeness that is hash oil. I didn't recover too much from the 3.5 grams I started with, as far as the pressed oil goes, maybe half a grams worth. It is super sticky at room temp, but my cakes are almost like a soft plastic.
    The dab that I put on my cig tasted great (piney, nutty, slightly skunky and fresh), the high I got is very similar to the input material of this trial. It is heady, but not high strung/anxiety-ish. The first three drags really caught the taste, and the rest of the cig was pleasantly aromatically hashy.
    I have never used an oil rig, but I am guessing this would be amazing in one. I need to find a way to store it and wait until I can dab it properly, because as I type this 15 mins later, I can still taste the amazing taste of this awesome product!
    I've had waxes and shatters before, but they have never lingered in flavor like this has before. If there was a way to remove the water without adjusting flavor, that would be amazing!

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    i have done this befor with a straight press put the press in the oven to bout 90 degrees and then press. take it out and twist it as hard as you can. the act of pressing it will generate heat also. i have made gold hash pellets/pellets with this method.
    my hash disks/pellets were rock hard yellow bright gold color did not turn dark when burned. i think i made lebonese gold

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