How I passed without peeing in a single cup

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  1. Hello everyone I'm new to the forum I really only signed up so that I can share my first two experiences with drug tests!!! I came onto Grasscity before my drug test to try to get some pointers or ideas as to how to pass my drug test within two days, I was really nervous because I really wanted both jobs that I was applying for and I knew my piss was dirty ☺️

    I have been a chronic smoker for about 7 yeArs now. My first idea was fake piss, I did some research and bought quick fix plus from a headshop in the twin cities, mn. Called the number the lady said it didn't matter that it was a Canadian batch, that it was new *2014 and as long as it was being tested in the Midwest I would be ok.

    So semi confident I followed the instructions perfectly, called the place beforehand it was a small walk in clinic right by my house LOCATION is key! Also if it's a smaller place the wait isn't as long avoid going after 4pm!

    I attached the hand warmer and put that hot fake piss right in between my legs almost burned my punani trying to smuggle this fake piss ha.

    Anyways peed in the toilet as I poured into the small cup and closed the lid as I was still pouring up to avoid that sucking noise.

    i was confident but unfortunately I had another test to take. And I couldn't wait for the results of the first one to come back, so... I sucked it up and asked my sister to pee for me. This is wear shit got interesting.

    I used the same method as with the fake pee.

    You will need:
    1 3 oz shampoo bottle with snap lip
    1 tempurature sticker (baby fever stickers or terrarium temp stickers pet isle)
    3-6oz of donor pee
    A microwave
    A pair of hand warmers (Walgreens/Walmart)
    Rubber band

    Same little bottle with the lid, u can get these $1 3pz shampoo bottles at target or Walmart. Grab a terrarium tank temp sticker in the pet isle while u r there, wrap that sucker on the side of the bottle after u microwave ur donors pee. Fresh pee is best. Still nuke it for 5 seconds. 10 is too long for fake pee u will fry it.
    After Warming the pee use a rubber band to attach the hand warmers (be sure they are activated) to each side of the shampoo bottle of pee. Wait a second for the temp to read. If it was fresh and u nuked it for 5 seconds or less, you should be good to go! Conceal and good luck!!!

    I suggested bringing 3pz-6oz in case something happens and u need more. I didn't pour enough in the first time so I had to wait thirty minutes and pee again luckily the hand warmers kept the donor pee nice and warm!!!

    Btw I pased both tests and got both jobs :))) yayyyy!!! Hope this helps some of you. I will keep checking back to see if anyone has questions
  2. I have passed at least 5 drug tests through straight excersising and drinking alot... But that was 3 days before... Even so this seems like a hell of alot of extra work haha im glad you passed though!

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