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How I passed PC1000 drug class and still smoked daily!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by WrldWidRadio911, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Ok so a few years ago I got a pot ticket (California) and had to go to pc1000 weekly class with random drug testing.

    Im pretty hard headed and do not like anyone telling me what I can or can not do, so I did not stop puffin, although i did cut down a little.

    So i thought, how does thc get in you piss to begin with? What i came up with is the digestive juices (bile) that you body secretes from you organs into the intestines is very possible, so what can be done to lessen the amount of THC without quitting.

    Now when I went I was told by a freind who went thrue the class before, they test you for a base count of THC in the urine, then each subsiquent test the # should decrease in time on each tes and as long as it decreases enough your good to go (THC takes a lot of time to entirely leave your system)

    So the day before my first class I smoked as much weed as I could till I was almost comatose with my friends to jack up my thc count. Surprised I didn't piss green! (they expect a count on your entry test, again they use it as a base count.)

    Now I have long herd that natual lemon juice helps in the breakdown of thc, (alchohol does the oppisite, it re-releases the thc out of fat cells into your system wich make your count increase, thats why they tell you not to drinking alchohol!)

    So over the weeks I was enrolled in this class and being tested I still puffed, just not as much, and I took steps to help my body out in dissolving THC.

    Here's how;

    My class sceduale was every Friday, so I would puff but stop on Tuesdays.

    I wed. night or thursday, but if i felt starving I would cheat with some chicken soup but very lightly wed never affter like 2pm thursdays... no food after 2pm!!!!!
    Because they say your body takes 24 hours to digest food and expels it.
    (my classes were at like 6pm Friday nights.)

    Starting every wednesday I would not drink anything but lemonade, from circle K or 7 eleven's juice machines, 64 oz each time. ( would take it to work and nurse it all day)

    And piss as often as needed.

    Now the cool thing about lemonade is that it does have juice and sugars and such that my tests were not called washes (to much water in piss meaning you are flushing to hide your THC count)

    And because of fasting a day before my class my body was not secreting bile into my intestines and absorbing the liquids into my bladder to piss out. (you digestive system is nothing but a juice machine!)

    Well lets just say my count must have kept going down because I did not have one bad test, no washes, and I passed.

    I had befriended this guy also in the class and he knew I was puffing, and when the counsler had everyone clap on my final night, the guy laughed and said out loud "but he never stopped smoking weed!"

    The instructer said Now Now all his test were clean!:smoking::hello::cool:

    I am just typing this cause i am bored and in no way think anyone should risk there job or freadom to try it!


  2. "I wed. night or thursday, but if i felt starving I would cheat with some chicken soup but very lightly wed never affter like 2pm thursdays... no food after 2pm!!!!!"

    meant to type I would not eat on thursdays!

  3. thats some nice work you did. must of been hard not to be able to eat that often.

    of course ill just stick with the tea i can get from my meat shop and be able to pass in 2 hours
  4. In OC cali, thtese classes know you will have a thc count, if I wouldhave had a zero count on entry they would have washed me out
  5. oh yeah i didnt even think about the ones i use just completly wash it out.
    my bad.

    i hope my job doesnt start doing one of these test.
  6. wow this seems like usefull information, im bookmarking it and saving it for future use
  7. hahaha i just did the same thing 5 minutes ago.

  8. Useful info, thanks for that insight...

    And you... what tea is it??

    Thakns in advance

    ps... i kno the threads old pretty old
  9. Great stuff man. I usally drink either lemonade or goood ol H2O. I do this for 2 weeks and im clean. I have very lil body fat.
  10. I'm currently enrolled in a PC1000 class and I was informed by the counselors that even one dirty test for anything (including alcohol) would result in an automatic fail for the class and I would be sent back to the courts.

    Also, I spoke with the others enrolled in the class as well and they said that is true. Which PC1000 class did you enroll in? The one I'm in seems pretty strict and I think I may just have to go with some synthetic urine or something. If I go by your method I'm prob looking at jail time which is BS!
  11. I just completed my PC1000 today and boy was I nervous. The guy actually watched me while I peed! Said my pee looked funny and everything. I am on 6 months without smoking weed now and I am not touching anything until I have the "Proof of Completion" and get a job...

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