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How I outsmarted a friend's hypocritical and assholish father

Discussion in 'General' started by bossman3, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. So after a very alcohol-saturated New Years party at a friends house, my frients and I got picked up by a sober friend and driven over to my friend Steve's house to chill and eventually crash there.

    About an hour after just chilling in the basement, half of us decided that we wanted to vape (MFLB), and we went right outside the sliding door (stupid). So about halfway into our sesh, i see the father of the household begin to open the sliding door, and the feeling of hopelessness violently dropped itself onto my conscience. He came outside and said "Get the fuck inside, you're all going home."

    We interpreted his statement as "Get the fuck out of my house and find your own ride home", so we called a sober friend who took us to his house to sleep. We profusely apologized via phone to the father and he essentially talked about the legality aspect, and how we shouldn't be smoking weed at his house or at all. Now, for reference, this man allows his son to throw parties in his basement. These parties involve large amounts of alcohol, and I have personally witnessed 3 people black out in his basement. The father comes down, cleans them up, leads them to a bedroom and lets them sleep. He then walks them out in the morning and DOES NOT tell their parents how they suffered an alcohol overdose and could have died. Clearly, I was not in a position to confront him about his wrongdoing, but his hypocrisy is blatant. After our extremely apologetic phone call, he told his son that he was "Going to call the parents and tell them that their kids are idiots."

    In an attempt to rectify the situation, myself and another friend involved in the situation returned to his house and apologized face to face. He said the same shit about legality and whatnot, but said that he appreciated us apologizing and that he was going to evaluate things. He said that he felt that he had an obligation to tell our parents. Why did he feel he had an obligation? I'm not sure. We didn't hurt ourselves or anyone, we smoked outside of his home, and we genuinely apologized profusely. I am aware that I disrespected him, but notifying our parents of the situation would only lead to temporary and possibly permanent estrangement between parent/child.

    So, after our futile attempts to rectify the situation, we patiently sat in our respective homes, waiting for the call on New Years Day. We all figured that his plan was for us to sweat it out and/or that he wanted us to tell our parents ourselves. Around 3:30PM, I had an idea. As I am not close to this family, and because our parents have never spoken, I decided to ask my sister to call this d-bag father, acting as my mother. She called him, and he bought it. My badass sister convinced him not to call any of the other kids involved, and the father even commented on how I did the right thing by telling my parents. She saved the fucking day, and I am now sitting here vaping a trench.

    All in all, this man represents a type of person that I truly despise. I would have no problem if he saw weed as a negative, success-inhibiting drug. That would be his opinion. However, he should recognize the destructive capabilities of alcohol - especially when kids are blacking out on the regular in his fucking basement. You cannot change these types of people; I just hope that we are evolving at a quick-enough rate to where these types of people will eventually be no more.

    TL;DR - Got caught smoking outside of a friends house, douchebag father threatened to call parents. Had my sister call as my mom, and she saved my ass along with everyone else involved.
  2. I don't know why you apologized so much to him. Makes it almost seem like you were kissing his ass apologizing over and over. Clearly he's stuck in the closed minded group of people that we have today. And quite frankly I would have told him to fuck himself for saying that he's gonna go tell each of the parents their kid is an idiot. I don't think you won at all. Sure your parents don't know you smoke now but you let this guy walk all over you.

    Hate to say it but you sound really young.
  3. I was nice for two reasons.
    1. I am friends with his kid
    2. My relationship with my parents is more important to me than calling someone out for their ignorance (which really cannot be changed).

    Also, we should not have been smoking at his house. Period. That is clearly disrespectful.
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    Yeah but dude being nice and letting someone walk all over you are two totally different things. You could still be nice and assertive at the same time. And yes smoking at his house is disrespectful especially if he doesn't approve of it but it still doesn't warrant 20 apologies(obviously you didn't apologize 20 times but you know what I mean).

    Oh and dude I wasn't saying call him out for his ignorance but you really could have stood up for yourself a bit more. It could be that we're just different about these things but I'm just voicing my opinion.

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