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How I learned to roll Joints

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by godsherb420, Aug 10, 2008.

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    Sup guys just wanted to share how I learned to roll my joints because I know everyone learns differently. This way worked really well for me and I could roll nice joints within a few days. I dunno if this has been posted before... I'm lazy and just trying to be helpful in my free time. :hello:

    Anyways, what I did to learn to roll a joint was get a pack of Bugler rolling tobacco (recommended by a member on GC) and look at a bunch of videos on Youtube until I could remember the steps and could get the whole joint shape figured out. It took me a while to get the ends of the tobacco to stop falling out, but practice made perfect. I kept all the tobacco joints in a little plastic bag just in case I wanted a smoke, even though I don't smoke cigs that much. At first I just practiced getting the shape down, not sealing the paper or anything, just practicing getting it rolled up tight. After I got that down good enough, I practiced licking the lip of the paper so it would stick just right. It took me a while to realize that the paper wasn't sticking because I would either lick it too much, or lick the paper it was supposed to be stuck to while I was licking the lip. I got that down good enough and started experimenting with different amounts of tobacco in the joint, and found that it's easier to roll a tighter joint if you use more and give about 1/2 of a cm on each side, because it evens out. After that I finally started rolling with weed, but found it harder because it wasn't cut into strips like the bugler tobacco was. The strips made it stick better I think. So anyways, I got good enough at rolling joints that I started rolling joints to smoke. I had a friend who got me to roll joints for her and she loved me for it and it was good practice. :)

    Here are some steps to make it simpler to read...

    1. Buy a pack of Bugler Rolling Tobacco (about $2.00, and comes with 40 papers).
    2. Watch videos of people rolling joints and watch friends just to get some influence and get it in your head.
    3. Practice rolling the tobacco between your fingers in the paper. See if you can get it to the point where its shaped nicely and you can dump the tobacco out without it losing its shape.
    4. After you get good at shaping it, practice rolling it to the point where you have to lick it and seal it up. I used to have trouble keeping the joint rolled even. (Sometimes I would twist it by accident because it wouldn't be tight enough or would have little bubbles in it.)
    5. Practice sealing your joints once you get steps 3 and 4 down. I used to either use too much saliva and it wouldn't stick at all, or would accidentally lick the bottom part (below the lip) making it not stick. Make sure you give it even saliva on all parts of the gum or else it will stick up in some places and just look like shit.
    6. After you get steps 3, 4, and 5 down well, experiment with different amounts of tobacco to get all of them down... I found it's easier to roll with more, but you won't always have a lot of weed on you, so practice skinny joints too. I figured out that if you leave about half a cm of paper on each side of the tobacco/weed in the middle, it evens out better.
    7. Start rolling with weed! Remember rolling joints is a form of art, and should be treated as so. The herb should be respected. :smoke:
    It only took me a few days to learn how to roll that way, and I thought it would be helpful to others if I posted a thread about it. Tell me what you think.


    P.S. Posted this in the Apprentice Tokers forum because I assumed that this is where the "How do I roll a Joint?" threads would be asked.
  2. It could work, although i dont think id have enough patience.

    I just make the joint the shape i want, depending on how much weed i have. Then when the paper is rolled and sealed i just stuff weed in end and pack it down however tight i feel.
  3. When I was trying to learn I used to get really frustrated and give up and smoke a bowl. Once I'd had enough of that I let friends borrow all my pieces so I had no choice but to roll if I wanted to smoke. Let your desire to smoke overcome your lack of patience.
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    Yeah, but I would just use green.

    EDIT: fuck yeah i just bumped an '08 thread on the 3390th page of apprentice tokers

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